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Thameside Radio Revisited

Thameside Radio Revisited

Thameside Radio 90.2 VHF on - Archive recordings from London's Thameside Radio

Nov 20, 2011

Thameside listener and regular competition winner Rupert Bailey is the special guest on The Intrepid Birdman Show. Rupert also DJs for a while on Bob Edward's show, he even interviews Bob!

Boris wins the phone competition.

Bob also features Sarah from Kew who reveals that in addition to reading the Thameside Radio news she answers listerners letters too. She tells us that Thameside  receive about 30 letters each week but they hope to have 100 letters next week.

Thameside listeners mentioned include Bob Lawrence, Jeff Hawkins, The Tony Lloyd Fan Club, The Alsatians, James Warren, Denise (Buzby),  the TV production class at Richmond College,  Martin Greaves of Wathmstow,  Andy Kearns, Peter Young from Capital Radio (who is a regular listener), Mick Kelly , Chris de Souza , Keith Harrison, Pablo Cabello, Micheal Galivn, Charlie Gibbons, Jeremy Voisey, Peter Bailey, Christopher Bailey, Austins the newsagent in Molsey,

This is the first half of a 3 hour broadcast. If you have any Thameside recordings please get in touch, you can email, comment or  @fmthen


Rupert Bailey
over twelve years ago

My generous thanks for posting this and of course to Thameside crew for busting sunday night gloom from my teenage years. I remain in admiration.