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Thameside Radio Revisited

Thameside Radio Revisited

Thameside Radio 90.2 VHF on - Archive recordings from London's Thameside Radio

Jul 25, 2010

Part 1 of a live broadcast that went on to midnight. The first two hours are the Bob Edwards show - at the end of the recording Bob hands over to Dave.

Because the pirates were monitoring the  radio channels used by the DTI they knew when they were being tracked and when there was no risk.

The Sunday Civil Service overtime payments must have been great for the crews in teh detector vans!

Down in the Basement
almost fourteen years ago

Hi Al, do you think it might be worth tagging the podcasts with a category to indicate year or year/month of original transmission?

Cheers, DB

almost fourteen years ago

What a good idea! I was considering setting the podcast date to the date of original transmission but I think that that will confuse iTunes and make it more difficult to catch new podcasts