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Thameside Radio Revisited

Thameside Radio Revisited

Thameside Radio 90.2 VHF on - Archive recordings from London's Thameside Radio

Jun 7, 2009

The Intrepid Birdman show.  Phone lines open. It's a lovely warm sunny afternoon.

Dave is wearing sunglasses to keep the evening vibe - which sounds like a scene out of "The Boat That Rocked". It works though as he plays some very offbeat records.

There is the usual great 80's stuff which might get you looking at your singles collection again as some of it can't be found for download anywhere.   

Loads of name checks. Far too many to list but those with surnames include Ian Buzwell of Etham,  Paul Cambridge, Mazzy of Byfleet, John Simmonds, Margaret Owen, Andy Cooper, John Brennan, Dave Booth, John Briory, Alan Dolby, Alan Aldwych, Jordan Lee and Kojak of Acton.

What were you doing that day?

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