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Thameside Radio Revisited

Thameside Radio Revisited

Thameside Radio 90.2 VHF on - Archive recordings from London's Thameside Radio

Jun 14, 2009

3:30 to 6:30pm. "Captain Cosmos" (Garry) who is station announcer at Paddington station phones in from work for a chat with Bob and makes a live announcement about Thameside Radio to the whole station. Andrew calls from St Ursula Road in Southall where they are having a street party while listening to Thameside. He asks for "Win a Night Out With a Well Known Paranoiac" which is still one of my favourite songs. Ever. (Yes I do have a copy and, before you ask, the answer is "yes you can" - just leave a comment or drop me an email).

The surprise after the fast food survey was a listeners trip to Hyde Park to see the fireworks. There's a clip in Alex's show. Name checks include: Ian Hobbs, Andrew Beck, Anne Sergeant, Max Hamster and Paul Gander.

over twelve years ago

I would love to get hold of Win A Night Out with A Well-Known Paranoiac - memories of Annie Nightingale and struggling with tedious homework. I had a cassette copy (a more practical C90) but lost it years ago. Why is it not on iTunes?

thirteen and a half years ago

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thirteen and a half years ago

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over fourteen years ago

My tape of win a night out from Peel show has finally given up. Would love a download!!

over fourteen years ago

Hi There,

I would love to get an MP3 of \\\'Win a night out..\\\' It would have made such a fantastic video, if anyone could have afforded the appropriate budget..

Richard Evans
almost fourteen years ago

Wow, a page about Thameside Radio, my favorite pirate station from way back in my teen years. I found this page looking for a copy of night out with a famous paranoiac. I found it on YouTube:
I was hunting for a torrent, not sure whether any exist. It would be great if you could send me a copy, ideally in FLAC, but if not then mp3 would be fine the higher quality the better.

Perhaps somebody should create a Thameside Facebook page, unless one already exists ;-)

Another song I heard 1st on Thameside was Toast, by Streetband (lead singer Paul Young). I found a copy of that, but only on Vinyl.

almost fifteen years ago

Hi SmartyMarttyy

Details of the Barry Andrews tacks are in the post (well email)

The C120 sounds great! More than happy to upload it here if you like.


almost fifteen years ago

I would love to get hold of \\\'Win a Night Out With a Well Known Paranoiac\\\' been looking for years, since hearing it on Peel, but it seems the interweb helps hugely!

Please, please direct me as regards a download!


almost fifteen years ago

I have not heard Win a Night Out in years! I would be very grateful if you could share the tune.

fourteen and a half years ago

Any chance of getting an mp3 copy of Win A Night Out With A Well-Known Paranoiac? I bought the 45 second-hand even though I do not have a record player!

This was all part of doing my homework listening to Annie Nightingale on a Sunday evening

Down in the Basement
almost fifteen years ago

\\\"Win a Night Out with a Well Known Paranoiac\\\", a bit of a Thameside favourite, was on the b-side of Barry Andrews\\\' \\\"Rossmore Road\\\" (\\\"There\\\'s a dolls\\\' house shop on the corner of Lisson Grove and Rossmore Road\\\" - indeed there was - Thameside invited listeners to turn up there one evening and that was the first time I met Bob.)

David Quantick
almost fifteen years ago

I very much need Win A Night Out - where can I get a good download?

almost fifteen years ago

It has been years (25 probably) since I last heard either of the Barry Andrews tracks, and I\\\'d also be interested in hearing both of them again...

Incidentally I also have a couple of cassettes of Thameside \\\"highlights\\\", collected Birdman clips, etc. recorded on my bedroom stereo in Stanmore...

I\\\'ll have to dig out my old C120 (yes, a 120) and see how much oxide is left on the tape...