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Thameside Radio Revisited

Thameside Radio Revisited

Thameside Radio 90.2 VHF on - Archive recordings from London's Thameside Radio

Nov 21, 2010

Bob announces that there is a surprise outside broadcast – listeners meet at the Star and Garter pub at the north end of Kew Bridge where they will be escorted to the OB site. Alex is running the OB at Kew Green which is linked back live to the studio. He is joined by Bob Edwards, Sarah and Dave when they’re not actually doing their shows. There are games and competitions including a race to a mystery phone box with 20 people in the box.  There’s fabulous music too. The Intrepid Birdman has a live superquiz.

Someone made it from Brentwood in Essex. Pretty much the other side of London!

There is an article about a new pub cinema called “The Hollywood Greats” in Acton – There was a Thameside listener visit there a few months later.

The airwaves were busy that night with superbeams – There was a radio mic linking from Kew Green to the studio near Kew Gardens station, then the the studio linked to the transmission site (Trellick Tower) and from Trellick the signal was broadcast all over London.

Thameside Radio listeners at the Kew Green OB include: Steve from Hayes. Victor from Ascot. Bamber from West Acton.  Ian Buzwell, Peter Buzwell. Renata (who fancies Tom). Matthew from Greenford. Hilary (and Jeanette). Someone with a Thameside Radio sticker in Park Drive Harrow. Walthamstow Swimming Club. Pete from QEC.  Tommy Graney from St Marks School Hounslow. Tim who works at Jayes. George Wood from Latymer.  The wonderful Incognito (who sent a demo tape) comprising Sarah Connor, Andy Francis, Andrew Gibbons, Ian Grimble and Greg Shepherd. Cindy, Penny, Grace and Belle.  Mick Taylor (who writes occasional jingles).