Thameside Radio Revisited
Thameside Radio 90.2 on : Archive recordings from London's Thameside Radio each Sunday.

More from Thameside's Easter broadcast. This recording is the next one in the series but comes from the Radio Eric archive.  The box that this recording should have been in actually had a Radio Floss tape. Talking about the other pirates - I do have some recordings of Thameside spin-offs such as Clockwork Wireless and Hilltop Rado. Anyone like to hear those?

Unusually for a Thameside show Paul James gives us football results, weather news and travel updates. All very local radio.  I do wonder if Thameside could have gone on to become something like Radio Jackie FM which is the local station for south west London.

Mark is in the studio while we wait for Bob and building up for his show later that day. There is lots more about the picnic.

Bob takes over about 12:30. 

Bob chats with Dave who tell us that Ian has taken over the engineering from 10-1 Teddy who was thrown off the roof of Thameside Towers. Were also told that the first 5 Intrepid Birdman Appreciation Society Members that come to the Thameside picnic will receive a signed copy of the Intrepid Birdman. I still have my membership card somewhere... 

By the end of the recording  most of the crew have left to get to the picnic. 

Mentions for Matt, Sophie, Martin, Lisa, Andy, Lynne, Sam and Peter from Peter  in Harrow; Annette for Karen; Andrew Du Pre for Nervous System, Winston Smith and  Skinny; Paul in Clapham for Melanie and her fiancee; 

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Thameside 12Apr82 10:20  Building up to the picnic

It's 10:20 and Paul James is sounding chirpy and enthusiastic. We get the "God Only Knows" Thameside Radio 90.2 remix (I remember buying the Beach Boys instrumental album he used at Beggars Banquet in Ealing. Did you know that the remains of Beggars Banquet is thriving as Banquet Records in Kingston now and doing well putting on gigs and a roaring trade in new vinyl.)

We hear the the 12" of "Ever So Lonely" by Monsoon. The singer, Sheila Chandra, was the only Asian artist to have mainstream chart success in the 1980s (says Wikipedia). We also get "Happy Birthday Sweet 16" by Clive Pig and the Hopeful Chinamen. They don't make records like that anymore.

Paul chats with Hilly and mentions a 2nd Division match between Chelsea and Crystal Palace! Also QPR are playing on their Astroturf pitch. We discover that Radio Caroline were meant to have come back on air the day before. But that didn't happen. I think offshore pirates had pretty much finished by this stage.

There are trails for the live link with Uptown Radio later in the day. But sadly Ian the Engineer tells us that the link with Uptown won't work. I do remember a successful link up - so maybe it gets fixed - keep listening.

The picture is of an "FB" (Fire Brigade) padlock. This was the standard padlock used to secure all London tower blocks. Of course having the right key meant you could access the roof to put up transmitters and aerials.

Mentions for
Ruth, Jane; Steve Scribbler; Mike of Chalfont; Brian of Amersham ; Timothy in Beaconsfield telling Dave to get a haircut;
Dave Booth; The Mystics; The Cardinal of Walton on Thames; Kingston Polytechnic; Ansell for Andrew ; Alexandra for her granny ; Andrew Simpson;
Mothball for Justin;

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Thameside 12Aug82 08:45 More breakfast with Paul

Paul James continues with the Thameside Radio breakfast show. It’s a lovely morning, the skies are blue and the birds are singing

We hear more about the Free the Airwaves campaign stand at the CB 82 show in Wembley. Dave turns up with some breakfast from the local Wimpy.

Unusually Paul does some weather and traffic reports – just like local radio! We are also promised a live linkup later in the day with Uptown Radio, a listener picnic at the top of Harrow Hill, phantom phone box and other Thameside delights.

Mentions for Steve in the Thameside Radio kitchen and  Big Al for the Paraffin Ladies in a shop in Harrow

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It's 8am on Easter Monday. Paul James is pretty much alone in the Thameside Radio studio. Dave Birdman is still in bed at home although Ian the Engineer is going there to pick some things up!

The show starts with The Jam and Start - which you don't hear much any more. Did you know that The Beatles sued them for because the riff and the bass line were lifted from Taxman? Of course Taxman was written by Goerge Harrison, who was himself sued for the similarities between "My Sweet Lord and "He's so Fine". That's the start of my question for RBQ! At least now we have standard rates for tracks that use samples from other artists.

Nine minutes in Paul plays the definitve Thameside Radio "Well Corporal" jingle.

There are a couple of technical problems at the start of the show - hum, hiss, setting levels and all that. Usually those issues were dealt with during the 10 minute warmup but it took a bit longer. They are all fixed in the end: so hang in there.

We are told that there will be a treasure hunt for an easter egg hidden somewhere in London. Also a picnic which we will be told more about later (it ended up at Harrow on the Hill).

Loads more from the 1982 Easter Monday show to come

Mentions for Dave in Croydon and Hilly.


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Thameside 11Apr82 CB radio live into the night

This is the second half of the Thameside Radio 90.2 Easter Sunday broadcast starting at 10pm.

We're reminded that the pubs close at 11pm. Remember those days?.

Bob Edwards makes it into the studio and tells us he has been out with the transmitter guys.

Really Saying Something by Bananarama and The Fun Boy Three is a new release. We get the 12" version.

Later in the show Dave tells us about CB radio which has only been a "thing" for a few months  - Bob gets a CB radio and has a chat with a number of breakers on Channel 31 live on air.

We also hear a bit about CB 82 show in Wembley which also had a pirate radio stand.

There are still technical problems in the broadcast - interference from TV transmitters. And the transmitter is switching itself off during quiet moments in songs. The technical problems seem to get better about 11:30pm (an hour and a half in to the show)

Mentions include: CBers Orange Club, Action Man, Dopey,  Black Jack, Batman, Weazel and Photon

Also: Rupe from Barnes for Trisha and Josh, Dec and Prudence, Miker of Chalfont, Brian of Amersham for Denise, Chris and Sarah of Kew, Les Keely, Dave Booth for Mazzie & Andy, Anthony for Lyomie, Lynne, Kevin Tom and Catherine, CBers, John in Finchley, Elaine in LA, Annette for Karen, Gilllian and Buzz, Tigermoth, Dominic from Strange Pursuasion.

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Thameside 11Apr82 The show before the Harrow picnic

We're told about a game called Obliterate which BT have released on Prestel. You command a submarine and torpedo Argentinian submarines including one called "Fray Bentos". (You may have to look Prestel up on Wikipedia, it was like the internet but 1980).

The phone lines are open for the Thameside listener charts. This week's chart is - 10:Layla/Derek and the Dominoes; 9:I Ran/Flock of Seagulls; 8:Nowhere Girl/B-Movie; 7:More Than This/Roxy Music 6:Fantastic Day/Haircut 100; 5:Is it a Dream/Classix Nouveaux; 4:Ghosts/Japan 3:The Damned Don't Cry/Visage; 2: Love Cascade/Leisure Process 1:Ever So Lonely/Monsoon.

The broadcast is briefly introduced by Bob Edwards, but Paul James takes over. Paul has just come back from a working holiday in Cornwall, Sarah is also in the studio as is Ian the Engineer. After an hour (and a transmitter change) we get The Intrepid Birdman Show. There was a problem in the first 10 minutes with the batteries running flat in the cassette player. You can hear the the show sounding a bit slow. It then goes back up to speed.

Dave tells us about the CB show at the Wembley conference centre which is relaying the broadcast. There is a pirate radio stand at the show.

The first part of the show was broadcast from the Brentford tower blocks on Green Dragon Lane. This was used in 2014's "People Just Do Nothing" which started on YouTube and moved to BBC3 as the location for the fictional pirate Kurupt FM. Now Kurupt FM are real and playing festivals! Life imitating art imitating life.

We learn that the site changes are done by "10-1 Teddy" and Ian the Engineer who has injured himself.

There are brief moments during quiet patches of the songs where the transmitter switches off - the transmitter were designed to switch off quickly when the audio finished because it was the end of the show or when there was a transmitter change but they could be a bit enthusiastic and switch off briefly during a show! We're told about an experiment in 3D TV. However demand for the special glasses is so high they have had to delay the test to make some more. It will be broadcast on May 4th in a programme called "the Real World". 3D TV, 1982, maybe technology isn't moving on as quickly as we think. You can watch it here.

After an hour with Paul and two with Dave this podcast  finishes at 10pm or so. But keep an eye on your podcast feed or the siteas  there is more to come on Thameside Radio Revisited from the same day and the next. We have Bob Edwards from later on this evening and the  Thameside Radio picnic from Harrow on the Hill the next day (it was Easter Monday).

And finally: Did you know that the voice on the "Thameside Radio Plays Good Music" is one of Dave's children? Recorded in Hyde Park during an OB!

Dedications and letters from Robert, Mike of Chalfont, the Intrepid Birdman Appreciation Society, Andrew Pearce from Hindhead, Steve Scribbler, John H, Richard, Annette, Dave and Pete. Hugh Gunning, John of Edgware, Bill Popstar, Tom Grady, Lynne Steele, Wendy and Cathy from Frank Kennedy from Norwood Green who gets a kiss from Sarah.  Paul Marshall (age 13) from Chalfont st. Giles. Chalfont Secondary School

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Thameside started this live broadcast at 10:30 with Bob Edwards running through the Thameside Radio 90.2 listener charts for 1981. What a year: Fade to Grey - Visage; That’s Entertainment  - The Jam; Tainted Love – Soft Cell; Joan of Arc / Maid of Orleans – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark; Imagine – John Lennon; Don’yt you Want Me? – The Human League; Ine the Air Tonight – Phil Collins; Vienna – Ultravox;  what an amazing year…

The Intrepid Birdman took over at about 11:15 with and extended interview with Eddie Grunt. The show carried on until about 1am on New Year’s Day.

The show was broadcast live from Shepherd's Bush.

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The "Shout Out" exhibition at the ICA in London is about 80s radio pirates. There are photos and an interview  here. Without doubt all those stations were hugely influenced bu Thameside Radio so here's a chance to see your legacy!

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London's Pirate Pioneers

I've just received a pre-release copy of London's Pirate Pioneers by Stephen Hebditch. It's 250 pages of well researched information about the London pirate radio scene. There will be things you already knew, and things you didn't! As you would expect from a station that had such a big influence there's a lot about Thameside Radio.

Go buy a copy. You won't regret it. 

You can order it on Amazon here Did I mention there are photos too?

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The week after the incredibly successful Thameside Radio third birthday party in Chiswick. Bob isn’t there for the start of the show so Dave takes the reins, with a just few technical hitches. Alex and Sarah fill in with an early and extended news section.  John Lennon had been shot in the preceding week so Alex does a tribute to him before Bob finally gets to the studio. The lonely hearts club is going strong with a request for box number 69c since a and b have already gone.  We hear Rossmore Road by Barry Andrews - yaay!

Although the tape runs out at the end of the Bob Edwards show you might remember that the broadcast finished unexpectedly during the Intrepid Birdman Show because the Thameside Radio transmitter in Trellick Tower was raided by the DTI.

Mentions for: Seth of Hounslow. Tim, Tony, Ralph, Hugh Jars, Lar Jars, Richard and Mike. Andrew Simpson, After the Fire. Chris Brown, John O’Hannon. Michael of Chalfont. Detores and Andrew. Paul Byrne, Francis King and Jeannie, Tahiti Syndrome. Keele University.  Samantha from Holland Park. John from N15; Mandy Squires, Lynn Squires. Krishna and Stephen King. 

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Thameside 10Apr83 Paul James live and in stereo

One of the final shows broadcast by Thameside Radio 90.2. The last broadcast was on May 15th, just 5 weeks later.

Thameside Radio have been broadcasting since 10am that morning. There are even some new jingles.

The show was broadcast in stereo, although this is a mono recording.

The recording is of the Paul James show at 7:00. He has just come down from Birmingham so has some bits from the Birmingham local press.

Paul also talks about the “Too Hot to Handle” concert at the Apollo Theatre in Victoria which featured Squeeze, Madness, Hazel O’Connor, Julie Covington, Paul Jones and UB40 amongst others featured. Tickets were between £5 nd £25.


Many thanks to Stephen who used to publish amfm magazine and Radio Today for this recording. Please do visisit his new site there is so much to look at.

Mentions for Stephen Garstang from Chalfont and Paul Adan in Ramsgate

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Another show from a listener's house. This week Adrian Leaper from Harrow has invited the Thameside Radio 90.2 crew round . The studio is set up in his bedroom. Adrian tells us he saw a UFO hovering over the hill the day before.Thameside Stickers

Bob Edwards is reading a book that says stupid people are clever people and clever people are stupid. Hmmm. He also reads out listeners letters about the secret of life.

Mrs Leaper has made food and we get a guided tour of the meal and the house. Adrian has dozens of champion gerbils in his shed. Dave interviews Bill the Budgie. (That radio mic really came in useful.)

Listener Andrew Simpson reviews a a concert by by Rockpile (Featuring Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe) at Brunel University. Soundwaves magazine has a feature about Thameside Radio.

Thameside Radio 90.2 listeners mentioned this week include: Philip Chapel from Windsor. John Chapel.  John Brennan of Thornton Heath. Students at Kingston Polytechnic. Chris Parry of Ilford. Barbara and Trever Adams from Biggin Hill.  Joannie Conway aged 6 3/4  from Hampton Wick Infant School. Ron Stephenson.  Kevin Ball from Bromley.  Malcolm Fryer of Hendon. Frinton McCarthy of SE5. Mike Boardman of Harrow. John Lyon School. Dave Kenny for the  BDXC. Nick Doherty from North London Poly. Rapic Sandec. Andy Richards.

This is only the first half of the broadcast. If you have the other half or any other recordings please please do get in touch - you can use the comment field or email me at Al

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Recently uploaded to YouTube: This is one of the Thameside Radio histories put together by Ian Stewart. There are clips and a commentary from the first year of broadcasting when the shows were just one hour long. Don't they all sound young!

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It’s the Intrepid Birdman’s birthday – so the first part of the recording has Bob chatting with the Birdman about records that have influenced him. We learn about Dave’s being a disco DJ and Dudley Moore. Bob mentions the Thameside birthday party the next day where listeners meet at Turnham Green station and look for the red dot on the map showing the location. I remember getting there at about 6:30 and seeing the station manager desperately trying the get the huge crowd of people out of his station forecourt.



There’s a fabulous superquiz and a sketch that implies that you can get away with anything if you wear a Thameside sweatshirt. Only £6.50.


Dedications include Alan Jameson Simon Miller from Fulham, Ian Hobbs from Bromley, Philip Chapel from Windsor, Richard Parkurst, Mick Taylor, Clive Barwood from Ascot, Kevin Waldridge from Ealing, Sebastian Peaty, Ann Bedral from Stanmore, Don DT from Putney, Simon from South Norwood, Martin from Hackney, Barry Wanrney NBK, Pedro from Beano’s, the Hitchhikers Guide fan club, Bruiser, Sean Eavan, Mark Bramley



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A very short Thameside Radio show. The station was being targeted by the DTI so this was a very quick broadcast before the transmitter could be located. Quality is poor so this is for collectors only!

Welcome to any new subscribers - I've received a couple more recordings so will put them up over then next few weeks.

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It's Dave Birdman's birthday today. We're  celebrating this Sunday with the Thameside Radio broadcast from 30 Nov 1980 where he plays some of his favourite records.

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The first 90 minutes from an early Thameside Radio OB in June 1980. Bob presents a show from a party full of kids from Latymer Upper School (boys) and Godolphin and Latymer School (girls). It's very noisy and packed with people taking A-Levels who are probably all responsible adults now!

Helen from Twickenham is very nice to Bob Edwards.

There have been a few short recordings from this party already uploaded - but this is the complete first half. Thanks Roj.

Names include George Wood, Bob and Rupe, Jane Susan Sarah and Cathy, The Hoary Scab, Bishop's in Rayners Lane, George Johnson, Mouse, Inge, St Paul's School, Andrew Simpson, Rosemary Kelly Shaun Kelly (Sean?), Andrew from Reynolds School, Renata, Sue Everett, Harrow Weald 6th Form College, Ian and and John from the 1979 - 1980 6th form  from the Salesian School in Chertsey, Julian Cole, Roy Masters, Niall Stoddart from St Clement Danes.

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45 minutes  from Thameside Radio’s first year with Tony Lloyd and Bob Edwards. Some listeners think that the news feature takes up too much time in the one hour show! There are a numer of converts from other pirate radio stations.

Mentions for Thameside Radio listeners including: Tony of Arkley Paul of Gates Hill, Stephen Mulham, Fairlough the Builders, Mike of Mayfair, Nigel Barnes of SW9, Radio Invicta, Dennis Hough (Huff?) of Walton-on-Thames, Alan of Barkimgin, Knoxford FC, Rory from Hayes, Pete Turner of Wanstead.

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Part of an extended broadcast from Thameside Radio 90.2 with Sarah taking calls.  It’s so busy that we even get to hear  Sarah answering the phone on air with a call from Howard for Dave, Ian Lawrence and Bernie.

At this point Thameside Radio had installed a permanent transmitter in Trellick Tower and set up a live Band III link so could broadcast as long as they wanted. (Band III used to be home to low quality 405 line TV but there were a lot of clear channels. It’s now used for DAB.)

The phone lines are very busy with  an awful lot of dedications. Here are just a few Danny and Carrel in Swanley, Carl, Bruce Bill Dave and Anna; Andrew of Brentwood for Adam, Class 4D and Brentwood County High School; Bob Lawrence, The Royal Free Network, CMC motorcyclists, Mick of Carshalton, Carshalton 6th form, Neil Chris Arnold & Kevin. Rookie  for his wife Lynne, Jim Jim, Gary, Jane, Christopher. Steve for Alex and Bamber; Alex for Rachel Inge Biddy and Rabbi; Liam Simon the quick brew kid Leon; Bamber for Susan, Alex, Amanda, the Tony Lloyd fan club, Ken of Brentwood for his mum and dad on their 31st anniversary, Claire, Johnny, Stand and the fans, Dave and Mark; Jackie Rosemund and carol; Emily for Hillam and the outdoor cat Alan; John of Beckenham for Dave Dave Barry, Beryl, Kevin Ken;  Dave for Steve Bruce Carl,  Harrow Motorcycle Club; Nigel Richard Sharon Tracy; Andy Martin Trevor and Alan; Renata for Hilary; Stuart of Chiswick; Steve from Stevenage and wife Sharon; Jerry for Tony and his Revox, Roger and Stuart;   Dave Nicholls of North Kensington for ; Jim Clark, Leona Resumworth 5X Elizabeth;  Andy Dixon , Mill Hill School Larch Nervous Complaint; Pauline to Dan and Sharon; Chris of Highbury for John Richard and Sheila; Darren to Liam, Robert of Swanely to Jim and Pam; John of Beckenham; Bruce Perkins from Martin of  Brentwood; Margaret in Byfleet.

That's all the people mentioned in just 45 minutes. Now I remember why I don't include all the people mentioned in the show notes each week!

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Following last week’s very extended broadcast Bob Edwards tells us that he is going to the USA next week for an indeterminate period and Tony Lloyd will be taking over DJ duties at Thameside Radio. We also discover that Bjorn Borg has just won Wimbledon!

Listener Steve is on the phone and wins the competition  – he tells us that he records all the programmes: you wouldn’t still happen to have them would you Steve?

There are lots of songs from 1970 on this week's Thameside show.

Listeners mentioned include: David Lewis of Pinner, Andrew of Southall, Colin of Bromley and his brother Ross, Len from 60 Burleigh Rd, Lawrence and Bruce from Barnet, Ross Patterson or Bromley,  Carol, Michael, Betty and Lesley of Chalfont St Peter, Chris Curtain of W8,   David Lewis of Eastcote, Richard in Tulse Hill, Gavin Cryable of Collingham Gardens W5  who is writing a book about flat hunting in inner London, Pat Sandrey of Kings Langley and his brother Michael; and  Kings Langley School.

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We're back! Your Thameside Radio 90.2 fix is safe for a bit longer.

There are some more new shows coming starting this weekend. There's a Twitter feed too - @fmthen


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Thameside 2Apr78 Rumours as Tony Lloyd has a second hour

The first  extended show from Thameside Radio. Instead of the usual one hour from 7-8pm  there is a second show with Tony Lloyd where he plays all the tracks from Rumours by Fleetwood Mac (probably recorded on the other side of the C120 that had the first show)

Dave has a jingle about Thameside helping you  to escape the BBC.   The competition prize is still a packet of Spangles (the answer is  “Debbie”, Debbie the phone girl used to take phone calls for Thameside Radio).

Mentions for Bernard O’Brian from Ilford, Neal, Kevin, Danny Osbourne from Putney Hill, Jeff and Cindy from Imperial College, Stephen Cruickshank from Croydon, Philip “The Fiddler” Cull of Rickmansworth, Radio Telstar One.

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Greetings. I hope you have a great New Year, and many many thanks to everyone who has sent in tapes or mp3s so far. Last time I looked we had 20,000 downloads!  

 We’re nearly at the end of the pile now (although there is still a TV interview and a few other gems to go) so if you are looking for a New Year’s resolution: How about finally digging out those remaining Thameside Radio recordings to share with all the other ex listeners out there?

 Looking forward to hearing from you

 All the best


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A 45 minute section of an early extended broadcast from Thameside Radio 90.2.  This went out about 7 months after their initial broadcasts.

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Thameside 18Mar80 Rupert Bailey, Tony Lloyd fan club, Sarah from Kew

Thameside listener and regular competition winner Rupert Bailey is the special guest on The Intrepid Birdman Show. Rupert also DJs for a while on Bob Edward's show, he even interviews Bob!

Boris wins the phone competition.

Bob also features Sarah from Kew who reveals that in addition to reading the Thameside Radio news she answers listerners letters too. She tells us that Thameside  receive about 30 letters each week but they hope to have 100 letters next week.

Thameside listeners mentioned include Bob Lawrence, Jeff Hawkins, The Tony Lloyd Fan Club, The Alsatians, James Warren, Denise (Buzby),  the TV production class at Richmond College,  Martin Greaves of Wathmstow,  Andy Kearns, Peter Young from Capital Radio (who is a regular listener), Mick Kelly , Chris de Souza , Keith Harrison, Pablo Cabello, Micheal Galivn, Charlie Gibbons, Jeremy Voisey, Peter Bailey, Christopher Bailey, Austins the newsagent in Molsey,

This is the first half of a 3 hour broadcast. If you have any Thameside recordings please get in touch, you can email, comment or  @fmthen


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How any white blood corpuscles are there in the average human body? That is the question for this week’s superquiz. Next week Dave asks for their names and addresses.

Mark takes over at midnight – but sadly I don’t have this recorded. If you have any Thameside recordings please get in touch. Email or twitter @fmthen

Thameside Listeners mentioned include
Pete Cooper, Bikers Mike, Ian, Nigel and Andy, Malcolm Fryer

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Bob Edwards continues his show. Bob continues to arrange Dave’s bike trip to the south coast. Amongst other records he plays The Message by Grandmaster Flash.  Goodness – it’s 1982 and rap is already mainstream.

There is a 20 minute gap in this recording towards the end of the Bob Edwards show.

Bob is followed Dave who tells us more about the bike trip.

Thameside Listeners mentioned include
Anita in Highbury, Andrew Simpson, Ruth from Harrow, Dominic from Wimbledon, Everyone at the Green Belt Festival. Paul Wedell in Coulsdon,

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Dave Birdman starts this Thameside Radio broadcast with apologies for problems in the previous two weeks. The DTI were raiding Thameside quite regularly at this time. There are studio problems so he doesn’t have any prefade when means some awkward segues between records, the show goes well though. He tells us about rat infestations in Hillingdon and edible snails in Heathrow.

Bob Edwards takes over at 8pm

Thameside Listeners mentioned include
Karen Scott from Epsom Downs, David Scott (who has passed 10 O-levels),

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More mayhem with the Thameside Radio crew broadcasting live from Notting Hill in the middle of the 1982 carnival.

Direct download: Thameside_820829b.mp3
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This extended show came from the Notting Hill Carnival - which was smaller and a little more edgy in 1982 than it is now. The main Thameside Transmitter was on top of Trellick Tower in the middle of Notting Hill while the lower roof (still 35 stories up) was used by the police to watch what was going on in the carnival.

Of course there was no interference between the police walkie-talkies and the Thameside Radio setup but still - it must have been "interesting" for the engineers.

Direct download: Thameside_820829a.mp3
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After a summer break we're back with more broadcasts from Thameside Radio 90.2 VHF.

A brief reminder to those of you who said you had some more recordings: please get in touch (you can use the comments field or email al @ - otherwise I might have run out by Christmas or early in the New Year.

There is a TV interview with Bob Edwards coming up though so stay tuned!


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Thameside Oct78 The Pope, Johnny Rotten and Quadrophenia

 News includes the death of a second Pope, Johnny Rotten promoting his Christmas show for kids and a film to be called Quadrophenia - all in 60 minutes with Bob Edwards!

There are two tracks from the new Meatloaf album called Bat out of Hell. The warm up music includes an Intrepid Birdman jingle whcih says Thameside is on 90.4 VHF if I hear it correctly. Of course Themside radio did move to 90.4 (or was is 90.45) to avoid interference with a cable station on the Rediffusion network in Grenwich (who were Thameside listeners too) but the advertised frequency always remained 90.2 - in the days before digital radios it really didn't matter.

Mentions for Ian of Dulwich and Andrew Feely.

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Thameside 10Sep78 Tony Lloyd blows my mind

Tony Lloyd hosts a one hour broadcast from Thameside Radio's first year. I’ve included the run up music because it has a Birdman jingle just before the 7pm start of the show. There are lots of Birdman jingles during the show too and Tony provides a more rocky slant to the music.

The competition has the traditional prize of a packet of Spangles. The news includes an item about luminous records and how much the Musicians Union are asking the Marquee Club to pay support acts (£9.50 per band member per show)

This recording finishes just before 8pm while the phantom phonebox in Harrow is ringing.

Mentions include Nigel, Mark and Vince Barnes from Kennington; Karen Chin; Stephanie from Lowlands Junior College; Radio Invicta; Barry Benson; Martin Crew; Trevor Llewellyn; Philip Sharp; Jeanette Harris of Mill Hill;

Direct download: Thameside_780910.mp3
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Thameside 26Nov78 Non sticky sticker patrol

Tony Lloyd looks for cars with Thameside stickers, he also reads the news on this early one hour show broadcast during Thameside Radio's first year. There are already a lot of listener letters, Adrian Leaper wins the competiton.

Thameside Radio listeners who get a mention  include  Patrick Sullivan in Streatham.  Listeners at John Lyon School.  Steve Marshall (from Radio Invicta). Gavin Robson.  Kevin Hargreaves of Welwyn. Trevor Ball from Harlesden.

Direct download: Thameside_781126.mp3
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This broadcast coincided with a Thameside Radio party at the Shepherds Bush Village Hall.

Because of transmitter changes the recording stops after 45 minutes - but later on during the show there were recordings from the party - almost live, but not enough for the DTI to  visit!

Direct download: Thameside_811227a.mp3
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Part 2 of Bob interviewing the Mystsics followed by The Intrepid Birdman Show on Thameside Radio 90.2

Part 2 of 2

Direct download: Thameside_820822b.mp3
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Dave opens up another extended broadcast. He has some surprises for Bob who interviews the Mystics and learns  more about electronic music.

Part 1 of 2

Direct download: Thameside_820822a.mp3
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The Mark Ashdown show closes this extended Thameside Radio broadcast.

Mark asks for suggestions for new listener events.

Part 3 of 3

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Someone has posted a  whole pile of Thameside Radio jingles on YouTube

Thanks to Daniel Elias for the link which he posted on the Thameside Radio Facebook page.

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The Intrepid Birdman produces another inimitable show for this extended Thameside Radio broadcast.

Part 2 of 3

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Bob is late so Dave starts his show. Bob takes over and then hands back to Dave. The broadcast went on to midnight. We hear from  Mark for the the last hour. 

Thameside Radio were subject to a lot of attention from the DTI at this time - but still managed to have occasional extended broadcasts!

Part 1 of 3

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Thameside 8Aug82 A Triumph for The Birdman

The show has  highlights from the Birdman’s holiday at Hayle in Cornwall where his bike broke down – so he had to buy a new one (well new to him, it was a 1963  Triumph T90 which needed new tank badges and a speedo). The bike makes  a terrible racket.
Paul James has been on the “Voice of Peace” for the last 4 weeks or so.

Bob tells us that “I Eat Cannibals” by the Belle Stars is the best record out at the moment.

Mark brings in an unrelased live Genesis track from a flexidisc on the cover of “Flexipop” magazine.

We hear lots more from The Mystics.

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The first show presented by The Curlyman who ran a comedy telephone answering machine service which was featured on the Thameside Radio news and the London Evening standard. Sadly there were no premium rate phone lines then so there was no viable business model.  The Curlyman also took calls from Thamesde listeners which were played on next week's show.

One of ther callers complains that Thameside used up all but 30 minutes of drinking time.  In 1981 pubs used to close at 10:30pm sharp on Sundays

This is the final hour of a 3 hour broadcast. I don't have the first two - do you?

If you have any more Thameside recordings please get in touch.

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I only have another three months or so of tapes remaining that haven't been uploaded - so I'm looking for more. If you have any Thameside Radio recordings buried in your attic somewhere please do get in touch, or if you've already been in contact then this is a gentle reminder.

Just leave a comment or email me.

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Following a couple of Thameside broadcasts which ended early due to technical problems Bob Edwards hosts a limited two hour broadcast. Everyone else seems to be on holiday.

Bob plays more from The Mystics and tells us about a girl that he spent 24 hours with!

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While you're waiting for the next podcast  - here's a YouTube clip  of Sarah Kennedy presenting a  1982 BBC feature about pirates. Not altogether accurate -  the Beeb really didn't 'get' radio pirates - but good fun. 

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Bob plays a track from Bruce Springsteen’s new album called “The River”. There’s more from Incognito – one of the bands that Thameside championed as well as a Garry Glitter SpeciaL as Gary Glitter is in court for bankruptcy!

Tony Lloyd is in Australia. No-one mentions Bob's Triumph Spitfire blowing its big end on the M4.

Mentions for: Dave Rowan, Habs (Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School), Julian Cole, St Georges Medical School, Arian from Harrow, John Lyon School, Buzby's Mum, Shari, Martin Gould,

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If you'd like more chat and information about the Thameside Radio: just follow @fmthen ... 

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Thameside 12Oct80 BBC Radio 1 interviews Thameside Radio

The show includes a recording of the rather wonderful Radio 1 interview with Bob Edwards and Dave Birdman about Thameside Radio on Adrian Love’s B15 show (photo). The interview was originally broadcast by BBC Radio 1 at 4pm 12 Oct 1980.

Some things change, some stay the same: The Thameside Radio music news includes: WEA being accused of accused of “chart rigging” (what’s that?), The Specials playing a gig in Trafalgar square in aid of the Campaign fo Nuclear Disarmament (what’s that?) and Blondie have a new album out (still happening), Stiff records are fined £50 for a t-shirt  that says “If it ain’t Stiff it ain’t worth a f***” (now every other chart record has that word in!).

Mentions for: Ealing Green High,  Sparrow Throng, Her Majesty's Borstal in Medmenham,  Mandy Squiers, Alan Thorogood, Boris, Annette, Bamber, Teddy, Graham Stapleton, Adrian Love

This is the first half of a 3 hour broadcast. If you have any Thameside recordings please do get in touch with me: al @ fmthen com

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We hear from Mark for the first hour. He is sitting in for Paul James who is spending some time on The Voice of Peace in Israel. Later Bob Edwards chats with the Mystics about making electronic music.

The recording finishes early with a burst of static. The hot weather had set off the sprinkler system at the Thameside transmitter site!

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Thameside 12Jul81 Birdman’s back, Mcarthur’s disappoints

It’s a sunny day and everyone has been  at the Barnes Common fair.

Dave Birdman returned from holiday in Spain – his show was looked after by Alex and then The Curly Man while he was away. He makes up for his absence by playing lots of great jingles, looking for a new tag line for the show  and finishes by fiddling with the  “Do you ever have difficulty” jingle after the show finishes.

During the week Bob drove through a riot in Southall - see photo…  People throwing bricks, police with riot shields. Remember then? Has anything changed?

We hear about Fireball (who have had their demo played by Thameside) plaing a concert at St Benedict’s school hall in Long Lane Hillingdon. They are supported by Alexandria. I remember both those demos – Fireball’s Chinese Takeaway was very catchy and Alexandria were definitely anthemic. Whatever happened to them? Bob also tells us that this week Radio 1 are  running a series called “25 years of Rock”. That would be over 50 years of Rock now…

The third fast food sees Alex taking the listeners to Mcarthurs in Barnes – who are rude and serve disappointing food. They’re closed now. Next week the Thameside Radio fast food survey comes from Huckleberries in Oxford Street.

The Curlyman appears after his stint as a DJ with dedications from listeners who called his phone line.

The week following this show Thameside broadcast live from a picnic in Hyde Park.

Mentions for: Francesca, Giles Farrow, Putney Park, Shan Hilling,  Saxon Militia at Kendall Rise Studios in Nottingham, Steve Scribbler, Andy Cooper, John Brennan, Mazzy’s friends at her party, Dave Booth, Paul Reynolds, John and Brian Gording (Goulding?), Mrs Atkinson, Richard Jeffries, Mrs R Williams, John Aird School.

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The Interpid Birdman presents the last two hours of this extended Thameside Radio broadcast from the Summer of 1982. He has lots of unlikely sounding police reports.

Of course with the Birdman the show isn't over till it's over. Keep listening after the official end of the show.


Part 3 or 3

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Paul James says "goodbye" to Thameside Radio for the next 3 months as he is going to work on "The Voice of Peace" in Israel.

Bob plays songs from a demo tape by the Mystics who use "a lot of new electronic equipment" to quote Bob. There aren't many demos that have stuck in my mind since the early 80's - but this is one of them.  The first track starts 48 minutes in, the second is  1h30m, third at 1h59m. Band members include Dave Booth, Sandra Cook, Dave Newson, Yvonne Carns, Nick Hogarth, Gavin Blair Watson.

The band come in to the studio and tell us a bit more about who does what. Whatever happened to the Mystics?

Mentions for: Mike of Chalfont, Paul Marshall, The Intrepid Birdman Appreciation Society, Mazzy Margaret, John Brennan, Ian Bell, Bob Gower, Cindy of Ealing, Mothball, Hairy Pete, Dave Booth, Gary Williams, Colin Pratt.


Part 2 of 3 of this extended broadcast



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Thameside 4Jul82 7-9pm Starting an extended show

Paul James and Dave Birdman take the first two hours. The authorities had been chasing the Thameside Radio crew for the previous few shows, but they weren't out this evening so the Thameside crew extended the broadcast to 1am.


Part 1 of 3



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Nice to hear from Ian Stewart (who is also the Thameside Radio engineer) who takes the first hour while Paul James is on holiday in the south of France. His show is followed by The Intrepid Birdman.


Sadly the transmitter knew that the engineer wasn’t paying it full attention and started having problems with the PLL circuit – so the transmission finishes early.

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Part 2 of this broadcast from the Summer of 1982. Bob Edwards tells us that Thameside Radio is now the most powerful and longest running pirate station in London.

He also mentions that  that “the good news that we’ve nearly got them in the Falkland Islands”.


Listeners letters include: Jeff Dawkins E2 Bethnal Green. The Mathematics department at  University College London. North London Polytechnic Law students. Nick Doherty in Elgin Road. Listeners at the BBC.


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Paul James and The Intrepid Birdman host the first two hours of this four hour broadcast from Thameside Radio 90.2.

Paul tells us all about the difficulties of doing exams (he’s doing his exams at the moment too) and plays the sax solo from “Will You” by Hazel O’Connor for Rosalind – one of the behind the scenes people who help keep Thameside going.

The Birdman tries to finish a little early so Bob Edwards can start on time.

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Bouncing Bob Edwards presenets the second half of this broadcast from Thameside Radio 90.2 VHF.

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Paul James and Dave "the Intrepid  Birdman"  from the summer of 1982.

Part one of a 4 hour Thameside Radio show.

Because of problems with the power supply (it had been lent out and not returned on time!) for the first  45mins the transmitter was powered by a car battery with charger across so there is some background hum.

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Thameside 28Jun81 Eating McDonalds with Alex

Alex (photo) takes over for the  last hour as Dave is on holiday.

The first of the fast food surveys comes from McDonalds in Hammersmith where listeners decide that the boxes are more tasty than the burgers!

This is a 3 hour show put together from two separate recordings: The recording of Bob's show has some of the the music edited to fit onto a C90 but Alex's show is complete. Alex has a cast of thousands in the studio including: Buzby, Hilly, Natty, Bamber, Aidan and Chris - who all tell us why they listen to Thameside Radio.




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I've tweaked the site  so that you now see all the podcasts on the main page, but that's quite a list.

The shows aren't uploaded in any particular order so if you are looking for a particular Thameside Radio show or a particular era you maight get there more quickly by clicking on a year in the categories section. 

Thanks for all the support and tapes so far!


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Thameside 23May82 #2 The trail, the trial and Bob’s birthday moustache

9-11pm Dave hands over to Bob who has just turned 24 now and thanks the listeners for for all the cards and presents including an extra long moustache!

The team have been on a 12 mile sponsored trail to raise money for Oxfam. The next Thameside Radio disco is on Friday Jun 4th at the Tabard pub in Bath Road Chiswick. 

Listeners are still writing in for copies of Time Out (50p) which had a feature about London’s radio pirates.

There is also the official statement on the two Thameside staff who were fined £25 each for stealing 0.25p of electricity. They weren’t charged under the Wireless Telegraphy act though!

Paul James tells us that he eats two packets of Maltesers a week (that’s almost £100  / year)

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Thameside 23May82 #1 Dave is licenced. Paul smells. ¼p of electricity.

7-9pm with Paul James and The Intrepid Birdman show. Dave Birdaman (photo) has passed his motorbike test. Paul assures us that Radio Caroline will be coming back. He also tells us about a new film called Polyester  (produced by John Waters). The exciting thing  about the film is that it was released in in in Odorama so Paul got a scractch’n’sniff card to use at key points in the film. Sounds better than 3D. I wonder why it never caught on?

We also hear from Ian the engineer.

The news includes an item about 2 members of Thameside Radio staff who appeared at Marylebone court last Tuesday charged with stealing ¼p of electricity. The magistrate was more concerned at the waste of police time than the negligible theft of electricity.

Thameside Radio listenerers mantioned include: Cindy of Ealing. Gary in Hillingdon. Martin Gould of Greenford and Janice.  Jamie Witcombe in Colin Gardens NW9.  Alan of Kingsbury for Francine. Nigel Collins from Muswell Hill.

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There is a 1984 "File on Four" documentary on YouTube about the London pirate radio scene. It was made just after Thameside closed so features more of the next generation of  pirates who were more commercial. Still  it does capture the scene quite well although in a Radio 4 kind of way.

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Thameside 16May82 #2 Bob’s birthday, Alternative London

Bob talks a lot about his upcoming birthday. He also discusses a new book called Alternative London which has a section on pirate radio and mentions Thameside

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Thameside 16May82 #1 Pretty girls, in the bath

It is a sunny day and the show starts late because the Thameside Radio team were distracted by a girl walking past the studio. (It’s 1982 and sexism hasn’t yet been discovered yet).

Paul has passed his driving test thanks to Tony Gregory his driving instructor. Dave is about to take his test too. 

The Paul James competition asks for “Thameside” in the phonetic alphabet: (Tango, Hotel, Alpha etc) At the time Eric Gotts from the Home Office used to refer to Thameside Radio as “Tango Hotel”.

The team are collecting sponsorship for a walk which they are doing for Oxfam

The second hour comes from the Intrepid Birdman.  The superquiz needs you to be in the bath!

Bob starts the third hour and tells us that he is going to be 24 years old next week.

The show was broadcast from the Arndale Centre in Wandsworth which has good coverage over south and east London but is not so good to the west and north so reception is a bit poor on this recording.

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Two hours of Thameside Radio with Bob Edwards between 9 and 11pm this Sunday. He has a demo from South Side Dynamos, chats about how often we have baths and pays a lot of Status Quo. Sarah from Kew turns up. She’s been down the pub with The Birdman. (She’s definitely grown older while we’ve been listening over the last few years hasn’t she?)  Dave talks about the new fangled Walkman radios – and mentions obliquely  listening in to the Home Office radio channels on the Bernardphone.

Bob chats with some of the crew about the favourite songs. We discover that:

Dave’s favourite record is Grooving with Mr Bloe by Mister Bloe which he remembers from the juke box at  The Macabre coffee bar in Meard Street in Soho. (Probably the coolest place in the universe in the 60s)

Sarah’s favourite record is Follow you Follow me by Genesis. It reminds her of her 16th birthday party which ended in total chaos with broken banisters and broken doors. (How did she explain it all to her long suffering parents?)

Bob’s fave is Dire Straits and Skateaway.

Wow – I’m now right back to my teens – endless summer, endless music, no responsibilities and amazing parties. 

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After a major raid a couple of weeks earlier the Thameside Radio team are back with an extended broadcast

Paul James is about to take his driving test.

The Birdman tell us that story about a couple who were served their dog in a Chinese restaurant. He also reads out a pamphlet on the Dangers of Knitting in a public place.


The first 50 minutes of the show are missing from the archive - but may turn up yet.

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Bob Edwards plays Sailing by Rod Stewart for 'The boys sailing out to the Falklands.'  The computer continues to tell the presenters what  to say.  Paul complains that he didn’t get a cup of coffee from the tea lady when he was doing a show. Dave says he was overcharged for his tea (55p instead of 20p). Where can you get tea fpr 20p now?

Not many letters or dedications this week (apart from a very flattering note from Jo English in Teddington). No jingles either. The music is great though.

This is part two of the Thameside Radio broadcast which went through until 11pm. There’s a lovely snatch of BBC Radio 3 right at the end. Goodness me didn’t the presenters sound stuffy back in 1982?

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Thameside 18Apr82 #1 Bob disappears: The tea lady, Paul, Dave and a computer take over.

Paul James starts the show followed by Dave.   Bob is apparenly installing a fully computerised system in the studio that will tell the DJs what to do on a digital display in the studio. All sounds very unlikely to me – surely it’ll never catch on! Dave says that all computers seem to achieve are inflated phone bills. 

Dave plays a fabulous selection of records – from the sublime to ridiculous, literally - as well as some great sketches. The tea lady also makes an appearance on the Intrepid Birdman show with her trick tea spoon. She pretty much steals the show really.

The show was broadcast from a tower block on the South Acton estate which has since been demolished.

This is the first half of a 4 hour programme. The second half with a full Bob Edwards show is coming next week.

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Thameside 5Oct80 Lonely hearts and Bob’s desert island

Bob chats with the lovely Buzby about the Kew Green OB a fortnight ago. (Whatever happened to Buzby?) and announces the Thameside Radio Pen friends / lonely hearts club. Mazzy gets box number 1. Later we hear Bob’s “Desert Island Discs” where Alex interviews him and we discover a bit more about his holidays and that  beloved Triumph Spitfire. We also learn what started Bob (and his older brother) on being radio pirates. He talks about Thameside Radio’s  early days when the station transmitted from Hampstead Heath for an hour each Sunday.  

Dave’s DIY spot tells us how to make a nuclear fall out shelter out of sticky tape, vacuum cleaner tubing, and old cornflake boxes. (Protect and Survive anyone?)  

The music is so perfectly early 80s. Motels, Silicon Teens, Gary Numan, Siouxie and the Banshees, Stiff Little Fingers, The Police (as well as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and The Who)

Listeners mentioned include: Graham Copeland of Cobham. Gary Williams. Mick Taylor. Alan Jameson. Basil of Harpenden. Jilly Newman. Mike Skinner. 

Thanks to Basil (see comments) for additional information about this broadcast - he reports that "We got perfect reception in Harpenden, 25 miles (40Km) north west of London!"

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Thameside 21Sep80 Live from Kew Green

Bob announces that there is a surprise outside broadcast – listeners meet at the Star and Garter pub at the north end of Kew Bridge where they will be escorted to the OB site. Alex is running the OB at Kew Green which is linked back live to the studio. He is joined by Bob Edwards, Sarah and Dave when they’re not actually doing their shows. There are games and competitions including a race to a mystery phone box with 20 people in the box.  There’s fabulous music too. The Intrepid Birdman has a live superquiz.

Someone made it from Brentwood in Essex. Pretty much the other side of London!

There is an article about a new pub cinema called “The Hollywood Greats” in Acton – There was a Thameside listener visit there a few months later.

The airwaves were busy that night with superbeams – There was a radio mic linking from Kew Green to the studio near Kew Gardens station, then the the studio linked to the transmission site (Trellick Tower) and from Trellick the signal was broadcast all over London.

Thameside Radio listeners at the Kew Green OB include: Steve from Hayes. Victor from Ascot. Bamber from West Acton.  Ian Buzwell, Peter Buzwell. Renata (who fancies Tom). Matthew from Greenford. Hilary (and Jeanette). Someone with a Thameside Radio sticker in Park Drive Harrow. Walthamstow Swimming Club. Pete from QEC.  Tommy Graney from St Marks School Hounslow. Tim who works at Jayes. George Wood from Latymer.  The wonderful Incognito (who sent a demo tape) comprising Sarah Connor, Andy Francis, Andrew Gibbons, Ian Grimble and Greg Shepherd. Cindy, Penny, Grace and Belle.  Mick Taylor (who writes occasional jingles).

Direct download: Thameside_800921.mp3
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Alex reports on the first Thameside Radio Circle Line picnic. He also meets Thameside listener  Vanessa Newman. There are lots of complimentary letters even one from America.
The Birdman has Marks (Marx?) in the studio demonstrating his award winning scream. He also tells us that the July 29th Evening News (a one time competitor to the Evening Standard) had an article about  Thameside Radio .

Listeners include: Paul Dancer. Susan Baker. Roger Vosene. Len Galbraith. Tommy Reisley. Ashcombe School.  Park High School. Rupert Bailey. Susan Baker. Martin Baker. Arlene Philips. Mandy Squires. John Firth. Karen Hardy. Dermot Scanlon. Robert Bly.  The Southall punks. Andrew du Pre

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Thameside 10Aug80 The missing Spitfire

Bob was meant to be on holiday touring southern Europe and North Africa but as his P reg orange Triumph Spitfire was stolen in Spain so he is back  after just 1 week. It wasn’t insured either. (The car was found by the Spanish police a few weeks later).

Alex who was was standing in for Bob  is going to hosting the first Thameside Radio Circle Line Picnic at 2pm next Friday. It’s in a no smoking carriage (remember those). Listeners have to wear a hat, daffodil or something Thameside and bring sandwiches to swap and a bottle.

Songs include Sue Wilkinson's “You’ve got to be a hustler if you want to get on” – one of my favourite records that no-one else remembers. You can see it here Split by Lio   is the listeners most popular new release (and another of my favourites)

Dave makes up for playing long records the previous week by playing a lot of his old sketches – remember Dangerous Animals of the World?  The superquiz is impossible as ever. He also has the winner of the scream of the week competition where listeners had to send in a recording of themselves screaming.

Thameside Radio Listeners include: Andrew Simpson who is at the Green Belt festival and invites Thameside listeners to join him for a cup of tea. Jeannie from Southall who is besotted by Frances King, Vivienne Smith from Wembley. Mark Haybittle. Ramsey Margolis. Tim Cutcliffe for brother Tony. Valerie and Robert Taylor. Varessa (Vanessa?) Newman from W2.  Latymer Upper School. Godolphin and Latymer. Dave Geer-Moring. Heather Jackson. John Gallagher. Catherine Brockelhurst. Carshalton Boys School. Gary Knight of West London Radio.

Direct download: Thameside_800810.mp3
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The fifth of the regular Intrepid Birdman shows on Thameside Radio 90.2 - Dave is  definitely getting into his  stride now: it's full of fun, horror and fiendishly difficult quizzes.

Direct download: Thameside_800323.mp3
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This recording starts with a some of the ten minute "warmup" which Thameside Radio used to broadcast before the official 7pm start.

The warmup originally formed part of the early broadcasts because the entire  transmission setup was portable and needed setting up afresh every week. The 10 minutes of music before the 7pm start time provided a few moments to verify that everything was working perfectly. It would be used to align the link aerial, check power supplies, make sure the leads were  plugged in properly and to check the tape player if the show was prerecorded.

After a few months there was a  permanent transmitter installation in Trellick Tower and fixed studios in Kew, Chiswick and Ealing so you could be sure that everything would come to life at the flick of a switch. But by then  warmup had proven itself useful in catching listeners tuning over from Radio 1 charts just after (or before) the Number 1 record was played (lets face it - there are only so many times that you want to listen to "Mull of Kintyre" and 9 weeks at number 1 was just too much and 9 weeks of You're the One that I Want " is pushing it a bit too. Oh and don't get me started on "Bright Eyes" please!

So the warmup stayed and the music was carefully chosen  to catch people tuning away from the Radio 1


First half of a 3 hour show.

If you have any other Thameside Radio recordings please get in touch or leave a comment.

Direct download: Thameside_800316.mp3
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Just a couple of clicks away from the Thameside Radio entry in Wikipedia I found the wonderful "Win a Night Out (with a well known paranoiac)" on Youtube. There is authentic vinyl crackle at the start!!**

Category:trivia -- posted at: 7:11pm UTC

This was the  second week that Dave Birdman took over  from Tony Lloyd. Also clue 2 for the treasure hunt and part 2 of Norman Normal. There's a jingle explaining how listening to Bob Edwards can cure dandruff.Bob wants to play all of "the Wall" but Dave won't let him.

Bob of Camden Town wins the mystery tune competition - he is a DJ at the Royal Free Hospital.

Mentions include: Martin Gould. Another letter from Pat Hickey for her family (big fans they were). The heavy rockers at Ealing College. Su Everett.  Nick Luxford of Chelsea everyone at Notting Hill nick.  Steven Cruickshank. Marcus Gaugales. Hammersmith and West London Collegs. Dave Watson. Andy and Madeleine of Richmond whho are getting married. Tony Alegranza from East Finchley. St Cartwright Gardens. Diana Evans. Derek Card of Shepherds Bush. Ian Oakey of Caterham School. John Turner. Richmond upon Thames College. John Peak from Inperial College. 

Sadly this is only the first half of the 3 hour broadcast. If you have any recordings of Thameside Radio shows do please get in touch. 



Direct download: Thameside_800309a.mp3
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The Intrepid Birdman explains haw he gets inspiration for his Thameside Radio jingles with the help of a warm bath and a piano. He also interrupts Bob a lot. Danny Webb of Hammersmith enters the mystery voice competition as does Alan Dolby.  There is another treasure hunt where listeners have to find an envelope hidden somewhere in London. – with new clues each week. Listener Jonathan Wilmot of Wembley tells us that he was awarded an out of court settlement after being caned at his school in Harrow.

There is also a recording of the Intrepid Birdman's "OK Ron" at the end of the tape

Dedications include Tracy Leatham of Chingford. Alan Jameson of Hampton. Kim Walsh. Dave Kenny of Twickenham. Kingston Poly. Jim Stockwell. Sharon Slezer. King College. John Lyon School. Marie Rosa. Haverstock School. Linda-Jane Hickey (age 3½)

This is the first half of the broadcast - as ever if you have any more Thameside recordings do please get in touch


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Thameside 6Aug78 An hour with Tony, Dave and Debbie

 Tony Lloyd presents a lovely laid back show with contributions from Dave Birdman and Debbie the phone girl.  The star prize for the Thameside competitions is a packet of Spangles. There is a recorded feature on life in the US sent in by Bob who is still on holiday.

Listeners include: Dick Gustavsen from Sweden. Jean Fooks from Epson. Barclays Bank in Ewell. Keith Archer from Romford. Dave Collins. Graham King from Orpington. Andrew Shaw of Bromley. Philip Casell from Harlesden. Trevor Ball.  xxx

Judging by the number of letters and calls the station is growing rapidly in popularity. By now Thameside 90.2 is definitely a major part of the London radio scene.

The recording improves significantly half way through.

Direct download: Thameside_780806.mp3
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Tony Lloyd the Thameside Radio newsreader takes over behind the mic as Bob Edwards has gone on holiday to the USA.

Direct download: Thameside_780730.mp3
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The wonderful Thameside Radio wander mic comes into its own as the crew celebrate 6 months of untroubled broadcasting. Bob is in the garden with the Birdman making helpful contributions. You can hear the birds tweeting in the background when Bob is on.

Bob tells us that  Richard and Tony are running the desk in the studio upstairs and that his  little sister is handing out the beers.


This is the first 30 minutes of the show. If you have the other half – or any recordings of Thameside shows please do send me a note.

Listeners include John Dodds of Putney, Kevin Tunstall in N19 and Keith Baker,


Al (


Direct download: Thameside_780611a_6_month.mp3
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After a break for the summer holidays normal service is now resumed.



Category:general -- posted at: 2:43pm UTC

Thameside 4Apr82 Centre spread in Time Out

Time Out have just run a centre page spread on the London pirate stations featuring Thameside Radio so the team are sounding pleased. It’s clear that there are radio pirates broadcasting pretty much every day and throughout the weekend in London.

 This was an interesting week behind the scenes: Rather than just responding to reports of interference Eric Gotts, who ran the Home Office detection unit, was actively trying to close down all the pirates. Many of the pirates had now discovered the radio channel that the detection unit used so they were able to stop broadcasting or change transmitters as soon as they were being tracked. However this week half way through the evening the detection team were heard to say that they were “going home as all the pirates have gone off” so many of the pirates came back on. In fact the Home Office switched channels and ran a number of successful raids.

 This does illustrate how this was something of a personal battle between Eric Gotts and the pirates. It was wasn’t just about preventing interference it really was a vendetta which was probably made worse when Eric was successfully prosecuted by Radio Jackie for violent conduct!

 The recording has most but not all of the show. If you have more please drop me a note.

 You might notice that  the VOX was set a bit tight on one of the transmitters – this is the circuit which automatically switches the transmitter off when the broadcast stops. Unfortunately it set so that it switched off even if there was just a quiet bit in a record. It comes back on when the record gets louder though...

 The number of transmitters being lost to the authorities around this time meant that some  engineers had started to specialise in building and selling VHF transmitters and link equipment to the pirates. Funnily those entrepeneurs are still doing it but they now run major businesses building equipment for mainstream broadcasters throughout the world such as the BBC and have moved away from the pirate market completely.


Direct download: Thameside_820404.mp3
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Dave takes over from Bob for an extended broadcast and we hear for the first time from Ian the Thameside Radio engineer who takes over from Dave for a while. Hi Ian!

The show finishes early (well just after midnight) because the transmitter was turned off before Dave finished his show.

Direct download: Thameside_820328b.mp3
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Part 1 of a live broadcast that went on to midnight. The first two hours are the Bob Edwards show - at the end of the recording Bob hands over to Dave.

Because the pirates were monitoring the  radio channels used by the DTI they knew when they were being tracked and when there was no risk.

The Sunday Civil Service overtime payments must have been great for the crews in teh detector vans!

Direct download: Thameside_820328a.mp3
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The people at have been kind enough to list these shows so you can pick then up on your Pure radio. Just search for Thameside Radio in the podcasts section and you can listen on your portable radio for the authentic Thameside experience!

Category:general -- posted at: 6:19pm UTC

Paul James stands in for Bob. This is the week after another Thameside Radio 90.2 party from Shepherds Bush. (The recording of that show is still being worked on). 

Direct download: Thameside_820321.mp3
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If all these podcasts aren't quite enough you can indulge in some more chat and nostalga with listeners and staff on a new Thameside Radio fan site set up by the Birdman at 

Category:general -- posted at: 9:29am UTC

Bob Edwards has returned after his long break where Paul James filled in. There is a Thameside party again next week at the Shepherds Bush Village Hall. The station changes site every 30 minutes or so to keep the DTI on their toes. Not for the first time Bob says that Dave sounds miserable on his show!

 Dave tells us about taking someone to Covent Garden to get their ear pierced and reads the amazing leaflet they were given.




Direct download: Thameside_820307.mp3
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Thameside 13Apr80 Two feet in a box

Bob finally gets to tell us about the funny things inside matchboxes that listeners have sent in. Dave sent Bob a flashing bit of jewellery - a heart with an LED in it. Bob describes the LED as "one of those modern things".  Andrew Shepherd of Poplar sent Jelly Babies. Chris Brown sent a fried egg! John of Maidenhead sent a tape of Bob Edward mistakes. Other entries included the secret of life, money, a pair of gerbils feet, some transmitter components, Debbie Harry's phone number (Mark Bramley from Bromley) and a brain pacemaker. The winner was the gerbils feet embedded in resin. 

Mark Hawkins of Brentwood wins five singles in the phone competition!

Listening to this broadcast shows how the Thameside Radio 90.2 superbeam easily covered the whole of London. The letters include  listeners in Maidenhead, Bromley, Brentwood and Boreham Wood. All lie outside what is now the M25. That's a radius of at least 17 miles: A quick bit of O-level maths shows the Thameside transmitter covered an area of over 900 sq miles. Wow.

For the engineers out there: The photo shows a Thameside Radio transmitter of the time. The audio and power control circitry is in one of the die-cast boxes, the other box houses the driver board (exciter). On the front panel you can just see the meter which can show the DC voltage or audio levels. Switches on the front control power, meter readings and vox settings.  

 There are more poems for Sarah of Kew and a report on a Genesys concert at the Hammersmith Odeon. One of the new releases is Teen Romance by The Alsatians - who are regular listeners

Dave parodies the Hamlet advert. Remember when you saw cigar adverts on the TV?  A lot of superquiz answers too as well as a new one. Simon Tindall (who wants to be a sound engineer) writes asking if he can visit the studio. 

The Tony Lloyd fan club writes in to find out what has happened to him and to sell Dave a Tony Lloyd sweatshirt. Tony does appear briefly. (Where are you now Tony? Do email or leave a comment here.)

Thameside Radio listeners mentioned include: Jeff (Goeff?) Hawkins for University College. Boris Bartkiw for 6S2 at Latymer Upper School including Steve, Stephen, Petra, Zena of Kenton, Ingrid and everyone else in Kew Gardens. Patricia Hickey for Richard. John Firth of SW7.  Anthony Osterwell. John Tenton. Steve Petherich. Markus of NW5. Andy Midsen of Chertsey. John of Boreham Wood, Brian Gording, Marcus Gonzales, Colin Mainu, Warren Stephenson of Chessington, Exeter University. Gary Wilkins of Bromley. Tony Anagranza of East Finchley. Martin Greaves. G S Rocket of Uxbridge. Keith Lang of Petersham.

This recording comes from Radio Eric. I was sent cassettes of the show (along with the previous two) which I had started converting to mp3 when I came across this one so I took the easy solution!    


Direct download: Thameside_800413.mp3
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Bob is going to be giving away Easter eggs and having Easter themed events.

There are no letters because Bob forgot to pick them up from 1 Grosvenor Parade W5. (Now a restaurant - at the time it was a printers.) It was a great address because it doesn't appear in the A to Z.

Capital Radio had been giving plugs for Thameside Radio on their "Help a London Child" weekend. I know that at least one of the DJs used to listen regularly because he wrote in. It was Roger Scott I think.  

Bob calls Alan Jameson from Hampton who correctly guesses that an egg thrown out of the studio window wouldn't break! 

Dave is on the end of the radio mic having a sticky bun fight with the neighbours before having an egg and spoon race live on air with Bob. Dave (The Inrepid Birdman)  spends his show throwing raw eggs for Bob to catch. He has a great advert for the "self adjusting door knocker" which makes an appropriate sound for the person who is at your front door! Pirate Radio was such fun!

Mentions for: Psychopath Kiev. John Webb of N5. Steve of Acton. Richard of Hornchurch.

Direct download: Thameside_800406.mp3
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A classic  show from Thameside Radio 90.2 - 3 hours with Bouncing Bob Edwards and a final finely crafted  hour with the Intrepid Birdman. One of the very early Birdman shows in fact.

Bob tells us that accidents are Freudian - they all have a meaning if you think about them; later we discover he has lost his tortiose: I wonder what that meant?

Bob phones listener Pete (for the mystery voice compettion) who is making a Welsh dresser!

The write in competition this week  has a prize for putting something interesting in a matchbox. I think there were some quite unusual entries! We'll find out on next weeks podcast.

Rupert of East Molsey won a prize for knowing that the Intrepid Birdman's favourite Spangles were the black ones. Someone proposes to Sarah from Kew in verse.

Dave plays outtakes from an interview in the Laseraruim where Bob chatted with the laserist Howard Sachs. (The Laserium was a music and laser show at the London Planetarium). The superquiz is still fiendishly difficult. You'll have to listen...

Mentions also for Marcus Gonzales, Paul Turtil, Mark Hawkins, Radio Caroline, Ian of Ickenham, Paul Cambridge from Catford (who had his Thameside Radio badge stolen), Andrew Bell from Plumstead,  Keith Lang, F W Conrad,

Direct download: Thameside_800330.mp3
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I think that this is Thameside's first stereo test transmission.

While the show is  still mono  the opening and closing "do you ever have difficulty" jingles are remixed and in stereo. I wonder how they did that?

Paul James has a brand new Beatles spot. It's very hot in the studio and he assures us that Sarah is reading the dedications with her clothes off. (In our dreams!) Sarah mentions (amongst others) Thameside listeners at Hammersmith Hospital, Windy Miller, snoopy, cupcake, the copycats club, Robin Holbert.

As well as more ILR outtakes Dave has CB dedications for Red Rooster, Blue Wheeler and Orange Club in the Rayners Lane area. He also talks about Steve Walsh from Radio Invicta (another fine London pirate) who is advertising Svenson hair weaving in the local press.

Direct download: Thameside_820221.mp3
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Thameside 13Dec81 The 4th birthday live from a pirate ship

Thameside  always had amazing birthday parties. But this had to be the best. Bob presented to first section from the studio - the  second half was presented by Dave  with Alex live from a boat filled with listeners sailing up and down the Thames. So Thameside Radio 90.2 holds the record for the first  pirate radio broadcast from inshore waters!

The weather was so snowy we had to leave from Kingston Pier rather than Richmond Pier. The captain  really didn't believe that anyone wanted to have a boat party in the mid winter in such attrocious conditions. Then he headed upstream away from Brentford where the main transmitter was located. We worried about losing the link signal between the boat and the main site but couldn't exactly explain to him why it was so important that we went towards Brentford, especially as it was dark, cold, snowy and there was absolutely nothing for the passengers to to see. He turned round though - thank goodness.

An unforgettable evening.

Many many thanks to Radio Eric for the recording (I'm pretty sure it's from their archives originally)



Direct download: Thameside_811213.mp3
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The first part of the show is presented by Bob Edwards from the studio. The second part, hosted by Paul James, was recorded earlier that evening at the Thameside Radio 90.2 party in the Shepherds Bush Village Hall.

Direct download: Thameside_820214.mp3
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Thameside 7Feb82 Sarah squeaks, Eddie Grunts, Bob returns

Sarah is off with a throat infection - so Bob is standing in for her.

There are some technical problems at the start of the show - I edited about 15 minutes out as there isn't much to hear.  There is a Thameside Radio  Valentines Day party at the Shepherd's Bush Village Hall next week. And the team tell us they will be broadcasting from a new studio that week as well.

Aidan Schulkes of Hammersmith wins the Paul James competition (did you know that Ready Salted was the most popular flavour of crisps in 1980).  Bob interviews Sarah with a squeaky voice in her sick bed.

Dave has some recordings from the cutting room floors of various radio stations - including a Guinness advert which assures us that  "not a lot of women like it". He also plays a a few tracks from the the new Eddie Grunt album. Well - bits of tracks to avoid the language!

There's a CB spot too - Dave sets up the  Thameside Breakers club.

Direct download: Thameside_820207.mp3
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Two hours with Paul, Sarah and Dave. Paul is eating the Spangles that  Thameside gave out as prizes.

Paul chipped his tooth at a party last night!

Eddie Grunt is in the Thameside Charts (do you remember him?)

There are some slick site changes with great Birdman Jingles - the first one is 30 minute in.

Dave Sarah has a report from the Chinese New Year. Dave has a CB section. He reads an article from City Limits (a competitor to Time Out) about Eric Gotts whose job it was to close down the pirates. There are also some more bloopers from other radio stations.

Dedications include: Les Keely, Mike of Chalfont, Mazzie, Aidan from Rent-a-rabble,  Simon Marlborough from Chiswick, Brother Illiano Pertrowich, St Paul's School in Barnes, Wolfie in East Croydon, Mark Unwin, NESCOTASS at Espsom RAC club. 

Direct download: Thameside_820131.mp3
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A two hour show from Thameside Radio 90.2  The first hour with Paul James and Sarah from Kew, the second with the Intrepid Birdman. Bob is clearly still away.

The opening by the massed Thameside Listeners was recorded at an Outside Broadcast in Hyde Park as far as I can rememeber. 

Paul reviews "An American Werewolf in London" which was recently released. Sarah tells us that there is going to be a Valentines party on Feb 14th. There's a pretty neat transmitter change when Dave pulls a plug out. Reception was a bit rough after this though.

Listeners mentioned include Steve Scribbler. Eddie Grunt. Gary Bearnd. Les Keely. Andy from Hillingdon. Paul Deacon. Neal Stoddard (who won the competition).  Radio Alpha (Mondays on 90.2 VHF). Gary Steele.

Direct download: Thameside_820124.mp3
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I was chatting over a pizza yesterday with The Intrepid Birdman who told me that he is updating his website. There's heaps of stuff there about Thameside Radio, Clockwork Wireless and BLR.  Why not pop over to

Category:general -- posted at: 8:47am UTC

Paul James is standing in for Bob again in this two hour show. The first 30 minutes has techincal problems - all is resolved after the transmitter change in time to listen to Sarah reading out dedeications.

There's an interview with Tony Fletcher who runs the Jamming Records and Jamming fanzine.

Dave plays Henry at Rawlinsons End, tells us about heroic failures and plays some bloopers from other radio stations. The Intrepid Birdman Superquiz asks which record has been in the charts the longest (122 weeks). 

Thameside Radio listeners mentioned include. Carnelia who has been on holiday in Goa where a meal costs 70p. Alan Murrel in Hackney.



Direct download: Thameside_820117.mp3
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Thameside 10Jan82 Damned interview Welcome to Paul James

Sarah interviews Rat Scabies fron The Damned at the beginning of this Interpid Birdman Show. Dave tells us that there is a new voice on Thameside Radio: While Bob Edwards is away Paul James (ex Radio Floss) presents the first hour. Dave still has the second hour. Paul (see photo) became a regular Thameside presenter.


Direct download: Thameside_820110ac.mp3
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Thameside 3Jan82 Bob goes to Colditz Reloaded

Following a mammoth New Year's eve broadcast Thameside Radio has decided to go down to  two hour shows. Bob is going away to somewhere he describes as "a bit like Colditz" (true - see photo) for a couple of months. This week the first half hour has Dave running the show playing Bob's favourite songs - with chat from Bob. Something like Desert Island Disks. 

Sarah then has a 30 minute show for dedications etc. 

The second hour is a full Intrepid Birdman Show. Dave has even reintroduced the Superquiz. Next week there is an interview with Rat Scabies from The Damned.

This is a replacement for the pervious podcast which was linked to the wrong file.

Direct download: Thameside_820103.mp3
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Thameside 3Jan82 Bob goes to Colditz

Following a mammoth New Year's eve broadcast Thameside Radio has decided to go down to  two hour shows. Bob is going away to somewhere he describes as "a bit like Colditz" (true - see photo) for a couple of months. This week the first half hour has Dave running the show playing Bob's favourite songs - with chat from Bob. Something like Desert Island Disks. 

Sarah then has a 30 minute show for dedications etc. 

The second hour is a full Intrepid Birdman Show. Dave has even reintroduced the Superquiz. Next week there is an interview with Rat Scabies from The Damned.

If you've been to "Colditz" near Evesham too do say hello!

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Thameside 20Nov81 The show after the 4th Birthday boat trip

The show after the 4th Birthday boat trip - which was the first ever pirate radio broadcast from the inshore waters on the Thames.

The Thameside Radio 90.2 Christmas party is next Sunday 27 December 1981 at the Shepherds Bush Community Hall. Were you there? There will also be an extended Thameside broadcast on New Year's Eve (which only just kept me awake as far as I can remember).

Bob Edwards plays records from the year for listeners to vote on for a chart on New Year's Eve. Many of them have  definitely stood the test of time.

Sarah has a spot at 8pm. She reads a couple of the 10 letters that Mazzy wrote this week.

Dave Birdman tells us about the trip. It really was quite unreal being on a pirate ship in the snow on the Thames playing music - he had a driving test which was cancelled due to snow. Dave plays Christmas in Dredland by Judge Dredd and wishes he hadn't. Loads of new sketches too.

There are some snippets from the boat trip - including Mothball being given the bumps for his birthday.

There are a number of transmitter changes. It takes up to an hour to track down a pirate transmitter so the regular changes kept the Home Office at bay. It does require a lot of technology and staff to do it though - especially without the benefit of mobile phones. Each site is temporary so the  aerials have to be put up, the equipment connected, the show broadcast  then it's  disconnected, dismantled and moved on. Sundays were very busy for the Thameside crew. Busy for listeners too as they had to move their aerials around. 

  I have assorted recordings of most of Thameside Radio's 4th birthday almost ready to podcast  but it's a bit of a jigsaw with some better than others. The end of the birthday show is sadly missing. Do you have the end of the broadcast somewhere?

Thameside Radio 90.2 listeners mentioned include Keith Murray from Pinner, Nower Hill High School, Andrew Simpson, John Graves, Clive Barwood, Jerry Sinclair, John Brennan, Doug McLane, Dave Booth, David Swift of West Ealing, Adam Raven.

Direct download: Thameside_811220.mp3
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Thameside 24Feb80 UFOs and gerbils in Harrow

Another show from a listener's house. This week Adrian Leaper from Harrow has invited the Thameside Radio 90.2 crew round . The studio is set up in his bedroom. Adrian tells us he saw a UFO hovering over the hill the day before.

Bob Edwards is reading a book that says stupid people are clever people and clever people are stupid. Hmmm. He also reads out listeners letters about the secret of life.

Mrs Leaper has made food and we get a guided tour of the meal and the house. Adrian has dozens of champion gerbils in his shed. Dave interviews Bill the Budgie. (That radio mic really came in useful.)

Listener Andrew Simpson reviews a a concert by by Rockpile (Featuring Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe) at Brunel University. Soundwaves magazine has a feature about Thameside Radio.

Thameside Radio 90.2 listeners mentioned this week include: Philip Chapel from Windsor. John Chapel.  John Brennan of Thornton Heath. Students at Kingston Polytechnic. Chris Parry of Ilford. Barbara and Trever Adams from Biggin Hill.  Joannie Conway aged 6 3/4  from Hampton Wick Infant School. Ron Stephenson.  Kevin Ball from Bromley.  Malcolm Fryer of Hendon. Frinton McCarthy of SE5. Mike Boardman of Harrow. John Lyon School. Dave Kenny for the  BDXC. Nick Doherty from North London Poly. Rapic Sandec. Andy Richards.

This is only the first half of the broadcast. If you have the other half or any other recordings please please do get in touch - you can use the comment field or email me at Al

Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:00am UTC

First half of a 3 hour show.

Last week Tony Lloyd was cut off in his prime during a live broadcast from a listener's house (Julian and Vebecca in Meon Road Acton) where the crew ate spaghetti on air. That was the first of many shows from listeners' homes like Tatty's party a couple of months later.

This show has loads of musical jingles by Dave.

Elton John, B52s, The Motels, Supertramp,  Queen .. what a varied musical selection.

Bob calls more listerers with the long running Thameside Radio mystery voice competition. Steve Petherick of Hayes doesn't win tbut  thinks the authorties should return the transmitter they nicked. Later we hear from Ruth Leaper of Harrow who also also doesn't win. She has dedications for her brothers Adrian and Clive also cousins David and Jeremy. Ruth supports Chelsea who are in the Second Division!

Richard Jones of Hornchurch and Jim Stockwell contribute local news.

This show does illustrate that Thameside Radio 90.2 had  a lot of  listener involvement. No wonder there are so many recordings still around. (do you have one you could contribute?)

Bob tells us he is going to play part 2 of the Norman Normal saga and Tony Lloyd will have part 1 of the new LP of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Thameside Radio 90.2 listeners mentioned include: Anthony Osterwell of Wembley Park. Richard Morgan from Bromley. Mr Henry at Latymer Upper School. Mark Bramley of Bromley. Jeff Eagles from the Walthamstow Swimmming Club. Chris Hall. Moat Mount School. Alex and Chris Child of Carshalton. Wilson's School in Wallington. Particia and Paddy Hickory. Richard Jones of Hornchurch. Tim Stockwell.

Direct download: Thameside_800203a.mp3
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Thameside 29Apr79 Slick pop/rock worms and bananas.

A 1 hour show from Bob Edwards with a totally over the top intro. Jingles at every opportunity. Music news from Tony Lloyd. This is the Thameside Radio 90.2 that Time Out had featured in its article on pirate radio stations on March 23rd (iss 466, price 35p). where it described Thameside Radio as  "Very slick pop/rock with competitions. Highly regarded and consistent, this is the nearest we have to US-FM presentation. All over coverage. Usually from the west."

Bob has asked for funny shaped letters - one even came on a rotten banana another others on an elastic band, a record sleeve and some writtten on brushes. A listener requests some pirate radio themes - Bob plays the Radio Dublin theme, The Pirates Lullaby amongst others. 

Although the Intrepid Birdman Show hasn't yet been introduced Dave has already released the Ron Nasty songs - This week Bob plays  "Nobody Loves Me (just 'cause I eat worms)"

Thameside Radio 90.2 namechecks include Robert Dudley of Hampton Jeff Fatherin.  Rob Allen of SW15.  Tim Penache. Julies restaurant. Graham Sanders of Croydon. Barry Kemp from New Malden. Andy Segals of Walthamstow. Martin Greaves. Walthmstow swimming club. Davis Lewis of Uxbridge. Steve Holloway of SW16 for parachutists. PJ O'Connor of SW7. Richard Morgan of Bromley. Chris Miller. Geoff (Jeff) Barton.  Bob phones Mark Hawkins who is listening in Brentwood.  The superbeam really did get out a long way. 

Direct download: Thameside_790429.mp3
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Thameside 29Nov81 Birthdays, mugs and transmitter changes

Bob Edwards remembers that it's The Intrepid Birdman's 30th Birthday and tells us that he is very old.  It's also Sarah's 18th birthday on Wednesday. She thinks that that's quite old too. Bob gives Dave an amazing rare limited edition Thameside Radio mug (see photo). There were only 11 of these made.

There are buckets of letters coming in.

This week Mark is meeting listeners at Wembley Central tube, Barnes railway bridge and High Street Kensington Tube and selling tickets for the forthcoming boat trip. 

Alex Wright tells us about the listeners social last Tuesday at the smallest pub in the UK (the Hole in the wall in Kings Cross) and that next weeks social event for Thameside Radio listeners is at "The Film Location" in Acton Vale. (A tiny cinema / restaurant / bar). 

Last week's show was raided just before the end so the crew are back to transmitter changes. In the past Thameside Radio didn't talk about the problems of being a pirate station on the basis that if they behaved professionally the authorities would leave them alone - which worked for a while. But not any more. so 45 minutes in there's a very different Bob Edwards jingle and then there's a public information item about how transmitter changes work.

Sarah is reading letters after being off wit a cold. Mazzy tells us that she was playing cello in the Royal Albert Hall wearing a Thameside Radio sweatshirt - and peple knew what it was! But she was asked not to wear it for the evening performance. There is a complaint that there aren't enough letters from members of the Intrepid Birdman Appreciation Society. Loads of namechecks. Too many to write up. But John Carbon has a moving dedication for Ruth.

Mark interviews The Basils Balls Up Band at the Kings Head in Fulham who are still gigging now.

Dave has a funky new jingle to open the show. He is given the bumps on air by the crew. He has taken encouraging listeners to spread malicious rumours about Bob Edwards. Dave also has another transmitter change to contend with. These transmitter changes really frustrated the Home Office who had recently taken to trying to track down "Romeo Tango" (their secret code for Radio Thameside) most weekends as they had to catch a transmitter actually being used. As soon as it was swirtched off they couldn't do anthing about it.

Fortunately Dave has another track from the Portsmouth Symphonia album (probably the best band in the world - you really have to hear it - 151 minutes in). Sadly I seem to have mislaid my copy and I can't find it on the Internet. He also plays "Suspended Animation" for the Intrepid Birdman Appreciation Society and Nick Turner from the Inner City Unit. "Tainted Love" is remastered as "Tainted Shirt" advertising the Thameside Sweatshirts. Finally Ron Nasty offers relationship advice.

Direct download: Thameside_811129.mp3
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Thameside 22Nov81 SFX, Poppadums and the first Puck

A classic Thameside show. There is great music and the jingles archive has been resucitated.

Bob Edwards phones up some listeners including  Margaret  from Brooklands College. Dave tells us about a bit of "SFX" which was was a music magazine published on cassette - what we'd call a podcast now! There's also has a very obscure Billy Connoly B-side.He spots the similarity beteen "The Pappadom Song" by The RJ Wagsmith band, "Toast" by Paul Young and "Car 67" remember those?

Dave (The Intrepid Birdman) is in fine form. There's the first of Dave's short stories about Al Puck - the character later developed into a major series called "Return to the House of Puck".He also does a full over the top production on one of Mazzy's letters!

And just before the end of the show - Thameside Radio is raided again by the DTI.

Loads of letters this week including ones for Thameside Radio listeners in Queen Mary College. John Shakespeare. Richard Pomford. Bamber in Bristol. Students at City Univerity.

Direct download: Thameside_811122.mp3
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If you're looking for yet more recordings of Thameside Radio shows then the wonderful people at  Radio Eric  have made their archive available as a BitTorrent file for download. A quick search for "Thameside Radio" on your favourite torrent site should find it. Or just click here:



Category:general -- posted at: 9:49am UTC

Welcome back to a regular podcasting service for Thameside Radio fans. 

To keep one step ahead of the DTI who were having a crackdown on radio pirates the Thameside Radio 90.2 crew were changing transmitters during the show. Again there were losts of chances for the listeners to meet the presenters as they had the traditional Thameside firworks around London.  Dave (The Intrepid Birdman) was in Harrow on the hill. Sarah from Kew was on Richmond Green (not too far to travel then!).

Thanks for all the emails asking about the shows. There are a lot more to go.



Direct download: Thameside_811115.mp3
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After a break for Christmas and stuff the regular Thameside Radio 90.2 podcasts will resume next week. There is lots of great stuff to come so don't forget to check your iPlayer sttings.



Category:general -- posted at: 11:07am UTC

An Intrepid Birdman show from the Thameside Radio 90.2 archives.

Direct download: Thameside_810426.mp3
Category:1981 -- posted at: 5:00am UTC

One hour with Bob Edwards from the 1978. Confusingly the competition has the Radio Invicta theme tune in it.

Many dedications - just a few here: Tony Harrison , Andrew Dolginski, Derek Astell, Montana Red, Roadrunners Trucking in Harrow, Sarah Costell.

Maybe the estimate of 20,000 listeners for Thameside Radio 90.2 really was too low. 

Direct download: Thameside_780616.mp3
Category:1978 -- posted at: 5:00am UTC

There is a problem in the the first part of this recording with short wave interference - it does disappear after the first hour.

Dave opens the show: The Thameside Radio 90.2 4th birthday on 13th December gets a lot of plugs. Bob phones out to Richard Baldwyn who was at the last birthday and is coming to the next one. Mark was off sick so Jim did the band interview with 4TFZ. Bob also phones out to a listener called Wolfie (who is 13).

The Intrepid Birdman Show is its usual high standard. Wild, whacky, thought provoking and he is still playing the Portsmouth Symphonia. Oh and there arethe Duracell adverts. Denise (secretary of the The Intrepid Birdman Appreciation Society) now has badges and has a fact sheet available. Dave reads out a letter with a rumour that Sarah is Bob Edward's sister, Tony is his brother and Dave is his dad - what can I say?

I wonder if I should split these podcasts between Bob and Dave? What do you think?   

Thameside Radio 90.2 dedications for Richard Baldwyn, Tony Fletcher, Mazzy sends in a 3 part poem that the team read out, Wealdstone College of Technology, 9th Wembley Venture Scouts, Les Keely, Alan Dolby.

Direct download: Thameside_811108.mp3
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Thameside 1Nov81 Kitten accelerator. It's a typical day.

Back to the 80's. One of the evenings where Thameside Radio 90.2 changed transmition sites throughout the show so reception quality varies. Still it kept the DTI away! Also some of the Bob Edwards show is missing from the recording.

Sarah was at a halloween party till 6 am the previous night! When did she do her homework? She out a poem written by a listener called "It's a Typical Day". There is also a big plug for Rudi who have a single called "When I was Dead". Mark is in Ealing Broadway giving away tickets for Acellerator in concert at Ronnie Scotts. Bob is trying to give away a kitten! Everyone is looking forward to the Thameside Radio boat trip.

A hung over Intrepid Birdman has some amazing new jingles and a funky new version of the Thameside Radio theme at the start of his show. (Do you know who recorded them - I never did find out. Please email or comment.)  He also plays the Sir Henry & His Butlers - Rolo sensation which is weird.

More new Thameside 90.2 listeners: Richard Baldwyn of Feltham, Stephen Garstang, Surbiton High School, Tiffin School, Jamming Fanzine (who are writing an article on Thameside), Tony Fletcher, Rough Trade Records, Dave Cutcliffe

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Thameside 17Dec78 Cake, Clapton and Brown Sugar

More from 1978 with Bob Edwards and Tony Lloyd. This follows the 4 hour spectacular extended birthday broadcast Thameside Birthday Cake being offered as  a prize. They have a phone out competition. Bob plays a bootleg of Brown Sugar with Eric Clapton on guitar.  

We all now get our choice of music streamed on the Internet, using Spotify or over DAB this was broadcast just 4 years after the first ever  independent FM radio station was launched in the UK. We all still thought that listening to a non-BBC station was pretty exciting - and then along came Thameside Radio 90.2

Actually it was only 8 years after the launch of any radio station in London (BBC Radio London - thanks Wikipedia). So the idea and the technology were still very new.

More Thameside Radio listeners: Terry Williams; Ron Calston; Arian Leaper for the John Lyon school; Martin Crew of Se22 from Exeter University; Andy Feely; The Barry Banson Appreciation Society;  J D Deam; Dave Williamson of Hendon ; Tim Radford of Uxbridge who found out about Thameside Radio 90.2 when he saw a car sticker;  Patrick Kingholm of Winchmore Hill; Bob Tree; Malcolm McIntyre;

Direct download: Thameside_781217.mp3
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Thameside 9Apr78 An original one hour with a busy studio

Back to April 1978. Thameside Radio 90.2 is only 6 months old and a very young sounding Bob presents a one hour show. Tony Lloyd reads the news. Last week was an extended broadcast with Tony doing the second hour. Debbie is taking calls. (What happened to Debbie the Phone Girl?) Dave from the BBC is in the studio as well as a photographer and listener Simon Wallace.

Loads of mentions and dedications. Many of them say that it's the the first time they have tuned in to Thameside Radio 90.2: Here are some that had surnames or additional information so might pop up if they're Googled - there a many more mentions on the recording:  Downtown of Romford, Roger Scott from Epsom for his wife Linda and children Tristan and Lucinda, Steve Tarling fron Surrey University, Neal Oldfield of Appleton, Paul searle of Upminster for the 1st Boys Brigade, Steve Pagnall of Greenford, Alan Cooper of Edgware, Bernard O'Brien of Hainault, Kevin Keele, Tony and Kim Chiffey and Stephen Cruikshank. 

Direct download: Thameside_780409.mp3
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A 3 hour recording. The station is still changing transmitter every hour. This show includes Bob Edwards, Dave Birdman and Sarah from Kew.

Bob plays a whole side of "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd and tells us that his car has sprung a leak so he got a wet posterior when going to a party with Sarah (but "not in that way").

Sarah is back with her dedications show at 8pm.

Many many new sketches from Dave Birdman throughout Bob and Dave's shows - one comparing Thameside 90.2 to other radio stations like you compare washing powders.   Dave also plays the wonderful Portsmouth Symphonia and tells us about The Intrepid Birdman Appreciation Society pub crawl - which he didn't make it to!

The music this week is pretty eclectic - it includes Joy Division, Kraftwerk, Saxon, Pink Floyd, Tom Lehrer and the Sex Pistols.

Thameside Radio listeners mentioned include Renata, John Simmons for everyone on the CND rally yesterday, The gang of five, Thick as Thieves, November Criminals, Andy Cooper, John Shakespeare, Ian Hobbs, The operators at Castle House Exchange including Mrs Herne and Pam Roxborough from Michael Champion.

Direct download: Thameside_811025.mp3
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The Thameside Radio crew changed transmitter locations 43 minutes in to the show so that there wasn't enough time for the DTI to track the broadcast transmitter down. This was the first time they had done this.   Bob tells us about the upcoming 4th birthday party on a boat on the Thames on the 13th December. (It was amazing) Also the Broadway Blues Band are going to play a Thameside Radio benefit gig soon.  The first part of a full 3 hour show. Do you have the later part recorded somewhere? Full 3 hour podcasts will resume shortly!

Direct download: Thameside_811018a.mp3
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 The aftermath of the party in Shepherds Bush Where Nick Turner (ex Hawkwind) was interviewed and flanned.

Dave has a brilliant  version of the Beach Boys "God Only Knows" about Thameside listeners. Mark interviews the Broadway Blues Band.

Next fast food is a revisit to  Quickies County Kitchen in Chiswick which was the most popular of the lot. This show stopped short again - although this time it the station wasn't really raided -  they simply knew that it took about 2 hours for the DTI to locate the transmitter so if they stopped after an hour they wouldn't lose any more equipment

Thameside Radio 90.2 mentions for Jeanette from Kingston at Tiffin School, The Fair Lady Anita of Ealing, The Ambassador for the Tottenham and Haringey CBers

Direct download: Thameside_811011.mp3
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Thameside 4Oct81 Wimpy Wreckless Eric and cut off again

The charts and new releases are back, as is Auntie Sarah.

Bob plugs the Thameside Supper Party at the Shepherd's Bush Village Hall  (photo) near the BBC  next Friday which will have a "tramps" theme. Dave says it will be messy and mentions custard pies. (As I recall it it was very messy)

The Fast Food came from Harrow on the Hill where Alex and Dave took the listeners to a Wimpy Bar where the food proved to be pretty unpopular due to the soggy chips and dry burgers (and the strange taste). The survey ended up with a laughing competition.

Bob plugs a gig by Dumpy's Rusty Nuts in Carshalton

Bob forgot to pick up the mail so Sarah only has phone dedications to read out. All her songs come from 1971.

Mark interviews Wreckless Eric.

Bob's show overruns so Dave starts late and then his sho stops beacuse the station was raided. Again. After having been left alone for years.

Dedications and mentions include: Anastasia of Twickenham; Ronald of Heston; Zel, Aaron, Matthew, Simon, Anna, Hannah, Isla, Georgia and all the boys and girls at Tiffins school; Ian Hobbs; Hilly, Natty and Christine; who were all listening to Thameside Radio 90.2

Direct download: Thameside_811004.mp3
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Despite the raid last week the gang are back.

Bob announces a Thameside party on Friday 9th October at the Shepherd's Bush Village Hall just down the road from the BBC (it was absolute mayhem). The charts and new releases will be returning  and Sarah will be on as a regular feature.  Mark interviews  "Little Roosters" who were playing the Greyhound in Fulham Palace Road  as well as having jogged round Hyde Park in aid of the Stoke Mandeville Appeal.

There's a demo tape from Thor (Ian Anderson, Rob Barry, Martin Weaver)

The Intrepid Birdman Appreciation Society are going to have a pub crawl, Dave plays a tape by The Wrong Direction called called Ring Product. He also has some news flashes sent in by listeners and sends up a dog food commercial. Still no-one wants to listen to The Beatles' story. He finishes with a medley from the Portsmouth Symphonia - which is absolutely unspeakably brilliant.

The next fast food survey comes from from Harrow on the Hill.   

New listeners to Thameside Radio  90.2 who get a mention include  Biddy, Mike Jones and Peter Miller, Mark Bramley of Bromley, Malcolm Friar (who missed the Circle Line picnic), group S25 in Chalfont County Secondary School, the CBers in The Pilot in Hanworth, Peter King, Stephen Garstang and Susan Grange

Direct download: Thameside_810927.mp3
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A live show but there are technical problems so for the first 20 minutes there was a mixture of different music plus interference (edited out). As that gets sorted  Dave makes occasional announcements until Bob arrives to start his show.

Bob introduces listenerss ideas for feeding "Tass" the Thameside cat. There's a demo tape from One Track Mind playing "Your Mother Doesn't Love You".

At 8:00 Sarah has a 30 minute show absolutely packed with dedications. She also has Mark interviewing Dolly Mixture who played the Greyhound in Fulham. Lola Payola and The Schoolgirl Song gets played (again).

Alex who plays highlights from the Circle Line Picnic where about 100 listeners took over a whole carriage.

Dave has a civil service memo about not having keys attached to your belt as it's safety risk. Then as if the technical problems at the start weren't enough fifteen minutes into Dave's show begins the broadcast stops. Thameside Radio was raided by the DTI.

More Thameside Radio 90.2 listeners getting mentions: Rob Leighton, Angus Dee, Mick Merry, Dolly Mixture, Ian Hobbs, Jim O'Reily of The Runes, John Hensley, Dave Booth, Adrian of One Track Radio, Andrew McKenzie, Ann Bednall from Southampton University 

Direct download: Thameside_810920.mp3
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Thameside 13Sep81 Just can't get enough kebabs from Philippa

Bob Edwards' show comes from a new studio.

The famous Thameside Radio 90.2 Circle Line Picnic is coming up on the 20th: We all met at Sloane Square on the anticlockwise platform at 2:30. Everyone had to  Bring a hat, a plant in a pot and food.

"Just Can't get Enough" from Depeche Mode  is a new release as is "It's my Party" by Dave Stewart. Bob has a competition to make an automatic feeder for the new Thameside kitten.

The fast food survey tries out a kebab shop, but comes from a listeners house: Philippa from Barnes (see photo). Bob went out to buy the kebabs and rumbabas.   

Next week's survey is from Mazzy's neck of the woods: The Copper Kettle in Byfleet

Dave offers a listener who complains about his his show half an hour of airtime!

Mentions include The Black Prince who rescued Bob when he nearly fell off Dave's Bike. The LSU school. Valerie Birtenshaw, Julian de Takats and John Brennan

If you are one of the many thousands who used to listen to Thameside Radio on 90.2 VHF it would be great to hear from you. Just leave a comment or email al @

Direct download: Thameside_810913.mp3
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Tatty's party part 3 9-10pm

Part 2 is missing - do you have a copy?

The end of this live OB ends with the Tony Lloyd show from the party and then the Interpid Birdman.

More dedications for Stephen Cox, Ann and Richard and their daughter Hilary,  Burlington Danes School, The Lower Echelons Cricket sixteen from Mr Straker.  Horace Gabb 

Direct download: Thameside_800622c_2000_-_2100.mp3
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An early Thameside Radio OB from Easter 1980. Bob presents a show from a party full of kids from Latymer Upper School (boys) and Godolphin and Latymer School (girls). It's very noisy party packed with people taking A-Levels who are probably all responsible adults now!

Helen from Twickenham is very nice to Bob Edwards.

Names include George Wood, Bob and Rupe, Jane Susan Sarah and Cathy, The Hoary Scab, Bishop's in Rayners Lane, George Johnson, Mouse, Inge, St Paul's School, Andrew Simpson, Rosemary Kelly Shaun Kelly (Sean?), Andrew from Reynolds School, Renata, Sue Everett, Harrow Weald 6th Form College, Ian and and John from the 1979 - 1980 6th form  from the Salesian School in Chertsey, Julian Cole, Roy Masters, Niall Stoddart from St Clement Danes.

Direct download: Thameside_800622a_1800_-_1900.mp3
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This is after Thameside Radio had a bank holiday broadcast (on the 1st Sept) where Sarah's show proved to be was popular.
The week's new releases include Prince Charming, Homo Sapien, and the weird but pointless Schoolgirl Song by Lola Payola (which I don't have a copy of). Bob plays a demo tape of "Cry the Night Away" by Strange Persuasion sent by Dominic Glynn.

The Thameside Radio Good Bite Guide comes from Saigon Sal's Chinese take-away near Highbury and Islington Station. Alex interviews someone who is worried they might have been eating monkey brains and wants to inspect the kitchen!

Mazzy calls the Curly Man from a call box and we hear the pips as her money runs out. Remember the pips?

Dave gives us his interpretation of Schubert's Unfinished Symphony as only The Intrepid Birdman can.

Lots of holiday postcards -  new names include John Henry, Biddy,  Dave Booth, Starr's Dad, John Simmonds, The Brentham Club, Martin Farley, Graham Lee of Mill Hill, PC of Hammersmith, Alan Dolby. 


Direct download: Thameside_810906.mp3
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One hour from a Thameside Radio Bank Holiday special - This is an unusual show as Sarah is DJing. She's just  back from a trip around Europe. There's a phantom phone box - where they call out to a phone box somewhere in London  and the first listener to answer gets on air. This time they're  in Hammersmith Broadway and Ealing Broadway.

The next Good Food Guide is from Highbury and Islington.

Direct download: Thameside_810831_Sarah.mp3
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It's the show after the Brighton trip. Bob mentions CB radio and tells us that Thameside doesn't approve of illegal broadcasting he also says that  that Sarah will be coming back soon from her summer holidays.

Dave doesn't like Gary Numan's new single called "She's Got Claws". He's not wild about Time from Alan Parsons as a single either. But we all liked "Under Your Thumb" by Godley and Creme.

Summer is ending so they're plugging Thameside Radio sweatshirts at £6.50. I might still have one somewhere!

The Good Bite Guide comes from the Kentucky Fried Chicken in Baker Street as well as the Intrepid Birdman's barbecue on Brighton beach.

Andrew Du Pre tells us how he couldn't get served at the Chiltern Pub outside Baker Street even though he had proof that he was over 18. Still he managed to air his grievance on the radio.

The Curly Man has a mention in the Standard.

I particularly like this week's The Intrepid Birdman show. It's just packed with great songs, sketches and chat that work together and leave me with a smile. Amongst the other wonderful strangeness Dave has a song all about knees, another by Eamon Andrews and fits in his unforgettable shortened version of Girl by The Beatles. There's an extra jingle at the end of the broadcast too.

Mentions include Ian Buzwell, Carol and Deborah, Shaky and Jizz, Nigel of Death City, Andrew Du Pre, Kojak, Mark of Kingston, Gary Hunt, Graham Reed, Martin Friar, The Intrepid Birdman Appreciation Society and Rupert Bailey. 

Direct download: Thameside_810823.mp3
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This record shop in Chiswick High Road used to sell Thameside Radio 90.2 badges, t-shirts and sweatshirts. It also supplied Thameside with new releases on a sale or return basis in return for a mention on air.

Like most record shops it is long gone. 
Category:trivia -- posted at: 6:16pm UTC

The Thameside Radio 90.2 listeners and crew went on a trip to Brighton. Bob left early to get back to London and start the show.

Cherry writes in to say that she has fallen for one of the listeners at the last fast food who is tall, dark wore Doc Martens and a donkey jacket! The next fast food is at the Kentucky Fried in Baker Street.

Dave finally makes it back and  plays recordings of the day's events during his show. There are screams, giggles, barbecues and a severed head. Dave leaves behind a coach full of listeners at the Packhorse and Talbot in Chiswick.

New listeners include Tim Gordon, Gander, Andrew Beck, Anrdew Barclay, Hayes School.

Direct download: Thameside_810816.mp3
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Thameside Dec78 #2 Cake, calls and fluffs with Tony Lloyd and The Intrepid Birdman on Thameside Radio 90.2

More birthday celebrations with Tony Lloyd and The Intrepid Birdman
The Birdman hasd made a show around the making of the birthday cake.

Tony Lloyd calls more listeners, shares recordings of Bob Edwards fluffing his lines when reading the music news and plays impeccable music ranging from Pink Floyd to Ian Dury. Whatever happened to the Tony Lloyd fan club (TLFC - see picture)?

Mentions on the phone for John of Dulwich, Dave / Barry Banson from Alleyns School, GM Roberts of Woolwich,  Rory of Hayes, Malcolm Mcintryre from Sidcup, Miller and Mariosa from Earls Court.

Technical note:  The FM reception wasn't perfect, the cassettes are showing their age and the azimuth isn't quite right, but it's really great to hear the show again.

Direct download: Thameside_781199b.mp3
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An early live extended broadcast.

Bob Edwards plays music from 1978 and phones listeners who wrote in over the last 12 months live on air.

Bob tells us about a guest appearance from the Intrepid Birdman (who later became a regular presenter and a key part of Thameside). Loads of jingles mostly created by the Birdman many of which seem to have disappeared since. Music news from Tony Lloyd. Loads of people mentioning their mum and dad. There is discussion about whether Thameside should extend hours - this 4 hour extravaganza was quite a contrast to the usual 1 hour shows.

The team are drinking Light Ale (can you still buy that?)

At the end of Bob's show there is a 30 minute retrospective on the first year - Thameside had put out 52 shows uninterrupted and were basking in the glory.

Thameside Radio 90.2 listeners mentioned in the phone calls include Dave Williamson from Hendon, Robert of Chelsea, Debbie Wooley, Simon Michelsberg from Barnet,  Martin Smith of Pinner, Jim Stockwell, Graham King from Orpington and Richard Sugarman from Stanmore.

Direct download: Thameside_781199a.mp3
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I've just received loads of great new recordings. So coming soon is  some much earlier stuff including the whole first Thameside Radio 90.2 birthday broadcast, one of the earliest live OBs and also a show from the lovely Sarah (be still my beating heart)!

Many thanks to everyone who has sent in recordings or tapes so far, special mention to Dave (not the Birdman) for the 120 cassettes and Stephen Cruickshank who is still unearthing some amazing material. Please please do keep them coming.

I'm happy to do the converting to  mp3 so if you don't mind lending your tapes for a couple of days you'll get them back with a high quality digital copy with tape heads aligned etc.

Category:general -- posted at: 9:50pm UTC

Bob Edwards is in a laid back mood. Moody Blues, 10CC, Paul McCartney, Led Zep, Stevie Wonder. Loads of dedications. A listener gives advice about fixing the big end on a BSA motorbike. Steve Scribbler offers to organise a squash tournament - Bob is sure that he can thrash anyone. During the show there is a "meet the listeners" do with some of the Thameside staff at Hammersmith station.

The Thameside Radio 90.2 Good Bite Guide comes from from Pizza Hut in Ealing (£3 for a 13 inch pizza). In 1981 takeaway pizza is a bit of a novelty!

More messages from the the Curly Man's answering machine.  

Dave Birdman plays a wide variety of stuff including "Sir Henry at Rawlinsons End" but he can't find "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park" as it's in the old studio.

Both Bob and Dave plug the Thameside Radio mystery trip (to Brighton) leaving from Turnham Green next week. Bob says he might drive down but needs to get back in time to start the show. Oh the joys of live radio.

Great messages from  Midnight Cinderella, Richard Bradford and Andrew Bird.  


Direct download: Thameside_810809.mp3
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Decades before it became famous as being the cafe where the losing teams in The Apprentice were sent to ponder their fates the Bridge Cafe was a favourite haunt of the Thameside team.
Category:trivia -- posted at: 2:48pm UTC

Thanks to Mark for the very kind offer of more recordings. The Thameside Radio 90.2 archive is building up nicely.
Category:general -- posted at: 2:49pm UTC

Back to regular broadcasts. Bob introduces a big "meet the listeners" evening. Thameside Radio staff go out all over London (Ealing Broadway, Liverpool Street, Wimbledon, Harrow on the Hill, Barnes, Uxbridge, Chiswick, Elephant and Castle, Richmond, Earls Court, Notting Hill Gate and the dolls house shop on the corner of Rossmore Road) giving out stickers, collecting dedications and selling tickets for the Brighton trip.

The Thameside listener charts have Kim Wilde, Motorhead, Depeche Mode, Killing Joke and Kate Bush.

The fast food survey comes from Burger King in Leicester Square followed by an evening watching the fireworks in Hyde Park.

The Curlyman has a phone-in section.

Dave reads out a letter from a listener saying that she has started
The Intrepid Birdman Appreciation Society. At the end of his show he switches the transmitter back on with a scream it has timed out. After the  transmitter finally goes off you can hear the clipped voices and melodic gentle tunes of Radio 2 in the background and quite understand why so many people listened to Thameside Radio once Radio 1 went off air.

Loads of letters and holiday postcards after the extended broadcast. NamesNmaes include John Simmonds, Francis Green, Buzby, Andy Feely of Dulwich, Latymer Upper School, Steve Scribbler, John Henry, Jordan Lee, The Green Belt Festival, Kathy Ann from Henrietta Barnett School,  Jonathan Lovell, Ian Hobbs, Paul Gander, Hayes School, Elspeth & Jose, Andrew Back, Paul Gander and Dave Cunningham.  

Direct download: Thameside_810802.mp3
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Thanks for the emails - I had completely forgotten about cleaning tape heads. The next show will sound even crisper and brighter.

Category:general -- posted at: 2:25pm UTC

Thameside 29Jul81 #5 BBC listening in 14 hours after it started (9:30 to midnight )

 It's 14 hours after the extended broadcast started and the crew are sounding tired. Dave calls in from home on Alex's show, Bob has the final shift and is excited because the pubs are open until midnight. Haven't times changed?


Namechecks for Stephen King for Krishna, and BBC Shift 1 video tape who were dealing with the royal wedding (Nice to know that the BBC were listening to Thameside Radio while working). They wanted something to do with walking or mountaineering.  


Next week it's back to normality - another finely crafted 3 hour Thameside Radio show which was broadcast on a Sunday evening at 7pm. Al.

Direct download: Thameside_810729e.mp3
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Thameside 29Jul81 #4 Alex gets lost on Shepherds Bush. 6:30 to 9:30pm

More from Dale "The Supersmurf" (see photo) who is a great 80s disco DJ. Dave sets up a a listener hunt for Alex who is "inconspicuous somewhere on  Shepherds Bush Green". Toby from Notting Hill finds him wearing a white coat and hat! Name checks for Rupert from Barnes, John Brennan, Andrew Simpson

Direct download: Thameside_810729d.mp3
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3:30 to 6:30pm. "Captain Cosmos" (Garry) who is station announcer at Paddington station phones in from work for a chat with Bob and makes a live announcement about Thameside Radio to the whole station. Andrew calls from St Ursula Road in Southall where they are having a street party while listening to Thameside. He asks for "Win a Night Out With a Well Known Paranoiac" which is still one of my favourite songs. Ever. (Yes I do have a copy and, before you ask, the answer is "yes you can" - just leave a comment or drop me an email).

The surprise after the fast food survey was a listeners trip to Hyde Park to see the fireworks. There's a clip in Alex's show. Name checks include: Ian Hobbs, Andrew Beck, Anne Sergeant, Max Hamster and Paul Gander.

Direct download: Thameside_810729c.mp3
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Hello to Mazzy - once Thameside's most dedicated letter writer - who now writes short stories and a blog.
Category:general -- posted at: 8:15am UTC

The Intrepid Birdman show.  Phone lines open. It's a lovely warm sunny afternoon.

Dave is wearing sunglasses to keep the evening vibe - which sounds like a scene out of "The Boat That Rocked". It works though as he plays some very offbeat records.

There is the usual great 80's stuff which might get you looking at your singles collection again as some of it can't be found for download anywhere.   

Loads of name checks. Far too many to list but those with surnames include Ian Buzwell of Etham,  Paul Cambridge, Mazzy of Byfleet, John Simmonds, Margaret Owen, Andy Cooper, John Brennan, Dave Booth, John Briory, Alan Dolby, Alan Aldwych, Jordan Lee and Kojak of Acton.

What were you doing that day?

Do leave a comment or mail al(at)


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If you have iTunes then you can get these podcasts by searching for "Thameside Radio" or subscribe from here
Category:general -- posted at: 10:10pm UTC

Thameside 29Jul81 #1 Thameside wakes up early

The wedding of Charles and Di. It's a Wednesday Bank Holiday. Bob starts the show at 10am and phones Dave on air to wake him up.  There's a black and white TV in the corner of the studio so we get the occasional comment on the royal procession. Dave's "superbike" broke down so it took him quite a while to get to the Thameside studio in Acton. This podcast takes us up to 12:30 when Dave finally arrives.

Direct download: Thameside_810729a.mp3
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Thameside 26Jul81 Fast food and worms

This Sunday show was the week after a live outside broadcast from Hyde Park and 3 days before the wedding of Charles and Diana. Bob plugs the extended broadcast for teh royal wedding the following Wednesday which starts at 10am. There are also tickets for the Thameside day trip to Brighton on August 16th which cost £5.

Alex had Thameside Radio "fast food surveys" from  Spud-u-Like in Shepherd's Bush and Huckleberry's in Oxford Street. The report also featured the Birdman's "No-one Loves Me (Just 'Cause I Eat Worms).  

The Birdman has a really great beginning to his show.  

Loads of dedications on Bob's show. Some by letter, some on the Curlyman's number. I've tried to pick out ones that might get spotted in a Google search:  

Francesca from Putney for Tony Fletcher from Apocalypse, Francine, Nick, Xani, Carl, Jeff Jim, Nick and Fran. Moira for the Whitton Skipsters. Mothball for Dandelion and Photon Brick. Toby from Notting Hill for Daniel Abdab, Charlie and Cathy. Carrie for Ian Day and the Paranoid Android Fan Club. Mazzy, Margaret Atkinson, Andy Cooper, John Brennan, John Simon, Jordan Lee, Bernard of St John's Wood, John of Thornton Heath, Alan Simpson, Sue Cook, Nichola for Godolphin and Latymer and, Roslin Park Rugby Club. Greg for the BNZ staff.Juliette and June from tele-ads at the Surrey Comet. Chris Webb. Alison who is Mothball's sister. Ricchard Gordon for Cathy and Jonathan. Everyone at the Alexandria and Fireball concert.   There are more, have a listen!   

Direct download: Thameside_810726.mp3
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A TDK D C90 dropped into the cassette recorder, press play, a clunk, a whirr, the dry sound of the tape, the meters on the PC bounce and the I've started transferring the first of the cassettes.  The hiss in the headphones gets slightly louder and we're asked the question we've heard so many times. "Do you ever have difficulty finding a radio station playing music? Oh yeah. Well here's a tip: Tune to Thameside Radio 90.2 Megaherz VHF"

Sounds OK. A bit muffled but it still makes me smile.

So here it is: Vintage 1981 Thameside Radio 90.2 VHF. 120 cassettes worth. Week by week, show by show.  Now available as a podcast for download to your 21st century iPod.

What were you doing on Sunday nights in the early 1980s?

For those of you with kids: You do realise that they are now the same age you were then? Are they listening to pirate radio while doing their homework?
Category:general -- posted at: 8:01am UTC

Why did we meet at the BBC? Well a lot of ex Thamesiders went on to work in broadcasting. And some still do.
Category:general -- posted at: 7:58am UTC

I’ve been collecting Thameside Radio recordings since, well, it started. Not big time obsessive collecting, just the occasional stuff that I taped then and things I got later from friends.  Of course I’ve sent copies to wonderful Radio Eric for their blast of pirate radio nostalga.

So here’s the story. An ex listener emailed me from from out of the blue,  a couple of texts, a call on the mobile number to make sure it was still on, a clandestine meeting arranged in the BBC reception area and a few minutes later we spotted each other.  He had a large heavy black case that looked ready to go  on on a business trip. Next to it I put my scruffy blue retro hold-all, empty and crumpled. While the security guard looked past us we transferred the contents, one cardboard box at a time, from his to mine.

Layer I unzipped my bag and lifted the flap of one of the 12 identical boxes. Inside  were  ten neatly labelled rectangular transparent plastic cases.  I hadn’t seen these things for years. Under the spine of each case was printed “TDK C90″ followed by a neatly handwritten written date and  Thameside Radio. That’s a year’s worth of recordings.

120 cassettes weighs a lot. You could fit the whole lot onto an iPod now.

Category:general -- posted at: 8:29pm UTC