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Thameside Radio Revisited

Thameside Radio Revisited

Thameside Radio 90.2 VHF on - Archive recordings from London's Thameside Radio

Mar 14, 2010

Bob Edwards remembers that it's The Intrepid Birdman's 30th Birthday and tells us that he is very old.  It's also Sarah's 18th birthday on Wednesday. She thinks that that's quite old too. Bob gives Dave an amazing rare limited edition Thameside Radio mug (see photo). There were only 11 of these made.

There are buckets of letters coming in.

This week Mark is meeting listeners at Wembley Central tube, Barnes railway bridge and High Street Kensington Tube and selling tickets for the forthcoming boat trip. 

Alex Wright tells us about the listeners social last Tuesday at the smallest pub in the UK (the Hole in the wall in Kings Cross) and that next weeks social event for Thameside Radio listeners is at "The Film Location" in Acton Vale. (A tiny cinema / restaurant / bar). 

Last week's show was raided just before the end so the crew are back to transmitter changes. In the past Thameside Radio didn't talk about the problems of being a pirate station on the basis that if they behaved professionally the authorities would leave them alone - which worked for a while. But not any more. so 45 minutes in there's a very different Bob Edwards jingle and then there's a public information item about how transmitter changes work.

Sarah is reading letters after being off wit a cold. Mazzy tells us that she was playing cello in the Royal Albert Hall wearing a Thameside Radio sweatshirt - and peple knew what it was! But she was asked not to wear it for the evening performance. There is a complaint that there aren't enough letters from members of the Intrepid Birdman Appreciation Society. Loads of namechecks. Too many to write up. But John Carbon has a moving dedication for Ruth.

Mark interviews The Basils Balls Up Band at the Kings Head in Fulham who are still gigging now.

Dave has a funky new jingle to open the show. He is given the bumps on air by the crew. He has taken encouraging listeners to spread malicious rumours about Bob Edwards. Dave also has another transmitter change to contend with. These transmitter changes really frustrated the Home Office who had recently taken to trying to track down "Romeo Tango" (their secret code for Radio Thameside) most weekends as they had to catch a transmitter actually being used. As soon as it was swirtched off they couldn't do anthing about it.

Fortunately Dave has another track from the Portsmouth Symphonia album (probably the best band in the world - you really have to hear it - 151 minutes in). Sadly I seem to have mislaid my copy and I can't find it on the Internet. He also plays "Suspended Animation" for the Intrepid Birdman Appreciation Society and Nick Turner from the Inner City Unit. "Tainted Love" is remastered as "Tainted Shirt" advertising the Thameside Sweatshirts. Finally Ron Nasty offers relationship advice.